BCA Landscape - A unique memorial landscape with a simple power and honesty: Glade of Light
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A unique memorial landscape with a simple power and honesty: Glade of Light

BCA Landscape

Landscape  /  Completed
BCA Landscape

The concept design was a competition winning entry to imagine a memorial for the people who had their lives taken in the Manchester Arena terrorist bombing. Within a sunny glade, a halo of white marble floats above an ever-changing orchestration of plants. The simplicity of the circle references the infinite and the eternal. Nestled beneath the bronze hearts in the stone circle are memory capsules, within which the bereaved families have left special memories and meaningful mementoes. The 30 monumental Carrara blocks have been quarried in Tuscany, Italy and split into mirror image pairs, creating a beautiful ‘book matched’ detail effect within the stone’s veining.

The sharp circle of monolithic stone sits within a welcoming grove of native trees, grasses, heathers and perennials, inspired by the colours and wild beauty of the nearby Peak District Heathlands.

It maximises its positive environmental and cultural benefits within a sensitive conservation area, on a tight and sloping site with multiple utilities and catacombs beneath. The existing pine trees and Yorkstone paving have been re-purposed as valuable resources.

The glade has become a meaningful and welcoming place, in an area of a busy centre centre that was previously characterized by anti-social behaviour.

Sustainability: 50% of the hard landscape has been removed and replaced with a bio-diverse planting mix with a Sustainable Urban Drainage System beneath. The existing pines and Yorkstone paving have been re-purposed as valuable resources.

Current Awards: Civic Trust UK National finalist - finals March 2023, Surface Design Award Category winner in Public Realm and overall Supreme winner across all categories, Dezeen International Longlist, LOOP International Awards - Landscape Design Category winner.

Inclusivity has been embedded in all aspects of the design, working with representatives of the bereaved families, survivors, local stakeholders and an access-for-all group. This previously under-utilised area of the City has now been re-imagined as a significant and inclusive communal resource. We believe design is a dynamic process about and for people and it consists of an ever-changing living and shifting series of moments. The garden is designed to allow everyone to linger in these moments a while and search for stillness. Designing for stillness involves creating moments of self-awareness and quiet, that can be difficult to find in our busy lives. The process of remembrance and healing is always on-going and needs space, understanding and time. We sincerely hope that the Glade in some small way can help and be a special place where we can briefly pause time, reflect and find some stillness. Glade of Light speaks of silence and restraint

The Glade of Light as a unique memorial landscape with a simple power and honesty. The abstracted contemporary design embraces an emotional response to the ineffability of sorrow and loss. It is a significant place in the heart of Manchester for the personal and communal process of remembrance and healing. Seeing people returning regularly to find a quiet moment in the glade and connect with its beneficial emotional and physical restorative powers has been an honour to witness.


 Regno Unito
 Manchester City Council
 Public memorial garden
 1050 mq
  850,000.00 €
 BCA Landscape
 Smiling Wolf
 Galliford Try
 BCA Landscape, Glenn Maguire, Matt Bell


High-quality exemplary design and sustainable living in urban areas should be a viable option for everyone, not just the wealthy. We believe this is a critical part of a healthy society and our collective future. Positive environmental and social change needs to happen locally and spread globally. This is one of the key reasons why we are so passionate about the contribution our team can make to all the projects we are involved with.

Our on-going dedication and belief in innovation and designing unique places that are embedded in their locality, has been honoured with a plethora of national and international design awards. We are passionate about inclusivity and creating cherished places with meaning and cultural depth. This cannot be achieved alone, so collaborating with people and developing shared positive outcomes is what drives us.



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