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Torre Velasca, the restoration of an iconic building

Hines – Fondo HEVF Italy 1

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Hines – Fondo HEVF Italy 1

Velasca Tower is a testament of ingenuity. A powerful and intense work that provided a place with a distinct meaning. And it is from this original meaning that we wanted the Tower to rise up again. The regeneration project of the Velasca Tower gives back importance and centrality to a building that is once again a strong and important symbol of Milan. A place is created to give it back a function, a role in the urban and social fabric of the city.

The regeneration of Torre Velasca is an ambitious project, because it doesn’t stop at the perimeter defined by the walls, but goes further, towards the creation of a renewed meaning also for the square where the Tower stands. It converts a place into a destination: a place to visit, a place to stay, a portion of the city that can be lived in again. The work on the square, in particular, is a commitment that builds a sense of community, a fundamental vector in the responsible redefinition of the social fabric of a regenerating space. The Tower itself returns to fill with meaning and life, recovering and revitalizing the original commercial, office and residential functions, in full respect of their characteristic elements, and enriching itself with new spaces for restaurants and wellness.

A sustainable and conscious project represents a return to architecture that thinks about the city, its needs, the needs of those who live there and those who will live there. In this sense one of the commitments for the Velasca Tower is to obtain the LEED GOLD certificate for the entire historic building. The façade is one of the concrete examples of this new design, since its restoration, along with the extremely high-performance fixtures, ensures management of internal temperature with a radical reduction of waste. The underground parking area is going to have over 50 stations to recharge electric cars. The square traces the sign of this innovative way of designing, because it is a synthesis of social and environmental instances.

Torre Velasca represents a unique heritage in the international cultural and urban panorama. As a symbol of Milan’s skyline and contemporary architecture, Torre Velasca is one of the most important post-war architectural masterpieces, combining tradition and innovation, past and present. Therefore, the regeneration project represents a unique example of striking a balance between maintaining the historical and architectural value, and the need for structural regeneration to ensure the most modern levels of energy efficiency and sustainability. This meticulous work was carried out with a work team that conducted scientific material analysis on the plaster, field studies, historical documentary research and recovered evidence to restore all authentic elements of the time. This project is also a unique example of great collaboration and synergy among the parties involved: Asti Architetti firm, ARS Aedificandi, CEAS, ESA Engineering, and in a continuous and necessary dialogue with the Milan Superintendence For Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape. Finally, the new Piazza Velasca, finally, will help transform one of Milan's symbols into a place of meeting and social gathering, restoring a new open area to the city that reclaims the very meaning of "square," thus reviving its historic role as a meeting place for the community and reinforcing, therefore, the sense of belonging of the Milanese.

Let’s imagine post-war Italy. A country that needs redemption, that is committed, that trembles. And let’s imagine that in all of this a skyscraper rises like no other in the world. This skyscraper will be called Velasca Tower. And it is with this in mind that today this area becomes the fulcrum of the regeneration project and Velasca Square is reborn with the Tower, becoming once again a place, a purpose, a destination.


 Hines – Fondo HEVF Italy 1
 34.000 mq
  230,000,000.00 €
 Hines Italy
 Asti Architetti
 Investor and development manager – Hines
 Giacomo Albo – Niccolò Biddau


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