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Bergamo Porta Sud, a true energy efficiency workshop

Vitali Spa

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Vitali Spa

In 2018, the Municipality of Bergamo, the Province of Bergamo and the Ferrovie (Railways) Group signed a Protocol of Intent for selecting a private operator to submit a master plan for the urban regeneration of Porta Sud’s disused areas, acknowledging the strategic value of the area of transformation. Vitali won the tender and thereby obtained the right to submit the master plan. Vitali submitted a master plan in 2019 that was shared with the administration and the citizens by way of a participatory process, with which it obtained the first-option-to-buy right on the sale of the areas. Vitali and the Ferrovie Group signed a preliminary contract with which Vitali was able to examine the project.

The railway has always been a limit for the city’s development. The disused areas of the Bergamo railway yard are an opportunity to overcome this limit. Indeed the project calls for three bridges over the multiple tracks and construction along the outer boundary of the area placed in continuity with the consolidated urban fabric to the north and south, mending the two parts of the city together indeed.

Bergamo Porta Sud “will be a veritable energy efficiency workshop” and “a great energy community”. The project will spearhead the city's ecological transition, leading the city towards the decarbonisation process. Porta Sud will be a self-sufficient and NetZero neighbourhood, equipped with a hydronic loop system, meaning state-of-the-art technology capable of making the neighbourhood carbon neutral owing to the maximum efficiency of the resources used.

The main strengths are:

  • 300 m from the city centre: distance between the centre and the area of intervention;
  • The area is highly accessible: due to the presence of the railway station, city and intercity bus terminal, BRT, trams and an interchange car park with 2500 spaces.
  • 1 billion euros: amount of public investment in the area (new railway station and bus and tram terminal, new railway connection between the station and Orio al Serio airport, doubling of the railway line, total renovation of the railway tracks)
  • Interaction with the local area: the project was shared with the municipal administration and citizens through a series of meetings
  • Services: the project calls for a high percentage of services, around 40,000 square metres, including social housing, health services and a covered market where the Bergamo area’s outstanding products can be found.

The project is a historic occasion, the greatest development opportunity for the Bergamo area, one of Italy’s largest urban regeneration projects. In consideration of the fact that Orio al Serio airport will be connected to the railway system, it is easy to understand how Porta Sud is part of Italy’s most important accessibility system with the three main airports in northern Italy.


  1,750,000,000.00 €
 CZA Cino Zucchi Architetti
 CZA Cino Zucchi Architetti, Arup, Vitali Spa, Systematica, Edison
 Vitali Spa
 Arup, Edison, Systematica, Masterplan (Architecture): CZA Cino Zucchi Architetti and Attilio Gobbi


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