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Vallazza, natural elements and the art of architecture


Interior  /  Completed

The design idea comes from the need to demolish the old Vallazza building, who didn’t have the criteria to satisfy the contemporary needs in terms of sustainability, eco-compatibility and hospitality. In this way the FORESTIS owners had the chance to give to their employees the right building they deserve, as they are the spearhead of the company. Their value must be reflected in the accommodation in which they live, which must be equipped with all the modern comforts and necessary to live a pleasant life. Common spaces are provided in order to encourage social interaction, the purpose of which is to strengthen the working group.

The building has big openings in favor to the landscape with frame minimized for a better view in order to increase the tension between interior and exterior and lead the way to a higher level of intimacy through closeness and visual distance. The bond with the context is strengthened using local fir and chestnut wood and aggregates for the concrete from the near mountains, in such a way that a greater sense of belonging develops. The terrazzo cladding used for the flooring is made by fine inert material whose pigments reflect the chromatic properties of the surrounding mountains for a greater bond of continuity.

Due to respect the natural environment, local traditions and context, for the external cladding it was used the fir wood from the surrounded woods for its greater mechanical strength and particular resistance to atmospheric agents and provided by a local company in order to reduce logistics costs. For the internal walls and the common spaces flooring, a spatulate plaster was used, to give a greater material sensation and artisanal quality. All the furniture are completely made by chestnut wood, whose function is to spread a warm atmosphere, in contrast to the dark shade of the wood covering the outside. To complete the chromatic composition, a black pigment was used for the furniture accents, recalling the external railing and representing an overall balancing element.

The interior project is divided between common areas and private spaces, as well as technical spaces for technological systems. The individual accommodations provide all the amenities to meet the needs of contemporary living, optimizing the spaces for daily life with adequate ergonomic areas. The idea of wall system is that the furniture evolves its function from storage element to kitchen and dining table, taking up the traditional theme of the stube revisited in a modern way. The furniture is buffered to the ceiling so that the concept of form has visual continuity and material. The beds of the rooms can be joined or separated, depending on the needs; the same ergonomic flexibility is provided in the common spaces, where the seats and tables are designed as modular elements whose arrangement can be adapted to the needs. The idea is to break the static system of the living room concept in favor of a more contemporary vision of living space. The infinity pool is an additional point of connection with the outside thanks to its feeling of continuity that projects the internal environment to the external environment, for a visual and physical connection.

"In this place, the four natural elements merge with the art of architecture to create something very profound."


 2735 mq
 Arch. Armin Sader, Arch. Gian Marco Giovanoli, Arch. Francesco Butturini, Int. Designer Lea Kerschbaumer
 Konstantin Volkmar


ASAGGIO. Gian Marco Giovanoli and Armin Sader met during their joint studies in Innsbruck and Florence. In 2012 they founded the architecture studio ASAGGIO, acronym of the two names and literal expression of their philosophy, embodied by an aesthetic-architectural concept as contemporary as it is shrewd. A mutual inspiration which, through the many projects carried out together, has evolved into a common path called ASAGGIO. A turning point towards a new perspective on architecture, in which each project places the individual at the center.

»Every project has its own soul« In the course of realizing numerous projects, this mutual inspiration evolved into their common path - a turn toward a whole new way of thinking about architecture that focuses on the individual of each project in a special way.

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