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Norwegian Pr1ma, being at sea yet feeling as if firmly grounded on shore


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Norwegian Pr1ma is the first of six next-generation cruise ships built by Fincantieri for Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL). The flagship feature of Pr1ma is represented by The Haven, a kind of "ship within the ship" designed by Studio Lissoni & Partners, which constitutes a highly exclusive luxury enclave with public spaces, lounges, a gym, and a private concierge, all revolving around its 107 suites.

A floating building with a clear residential influence, characterized by large art deco-inspired interior spaces and private terraces designed as if they were water-view gardens. Being at sea yet feeling as if firmly grounded on shore. This leitmotif guided the entire interior project, leading to the choice of warm and natural materials such as wood, used for wall cladding and the headboard of the bed.

All the supports used are made of aluminum honeycomb, rigid panels that are 95% recyclable and can be melted and reused multiple times. On average, 50% of the material used comes from recycled aluminum, which is reintroduced into the production cycle, further contributing to environmental sustainability. These panels have been enhanced with layers of wood veneer, each less than a millimeter thick, adding a natural and aesthetic touch to the design. Additionally, the painting process employed adheres to the highest standards of fire resistance in the naval industry, thanks to the IMO MED certification.

Xilia has developed all the wall cladding systems for Pr1ma's suites, crafted in smoked eucalyptus wood in both the smooth version (Skin) and fluted version (Fluted), as well as inlayed with Canaletto walnut in the natural and dyed versions (Inlay). Selected for the bedhead boiserie and later echoed in other areas of the apartments (Owner Suites), this particular product features a geometric diamond design, created with a modular system that alternates between flame and striped patterns. Completing the aesthetic detail is a decorative dark essence strip inserted between each panel, designed to emphasize the exclusive and highly sophisticated design of the spaces.

This project, designed by Lissoni&Partnrs, marks the first time that interior design has been introduced into the cruise industry. They have extensively utilized wood in its most natural, textured, and aesthetic form, aiming to fulfill every visual and tactile expectation. This design approach places the human dimension and the unique journey experience at its core, bringing a feeling of unparalleled sophistication and comfort to the cruise experience like never before.


 Suite nave da crociera
 1500 mq
 Lissoni & Partners
 Xilia R&D + Lissoni & Partners
 Francesco Caredda


We are committed to giving a new dimension to interior design, a tactile one. Xilia surfaces enhance our perception of spaces, turning creative ideas into smart, functional and sustainable products with great aesthetic appeal. Each surface created by Xilia represents what we believe in and expresses the same basic requirements: innovation, attention to detail, qualitative research and respect for the environment. Our passion for innovative materials and technologies always drives us to explore and experiment in order to overcome the limits imposed by materials and propose new solutions featuring a distinct sensory component.
We strive to stimulate the imagination and offer a new perception of spaces in the furniture, product design, interior design and contract-furnishing sectors.



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