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Jiaxing Nanhu Place, inspired by a silk stage


Interior  /  Completed

As a landmark stage of Jiaxing industry, the silk spinning factory carries the indelible memories of Jiaxing people. The indoor commercial space is mainly positioned as an art experience, fashion release, cultural and creative leisure industry, integrating trendy fashion, red education, and tourism leisure to create a benchmark experiential commercial mall. The designer's extraction of symbolic elements from the old factory building is inspired by the "silk stage", creating the main atrium into a social and interactive place with a sense of historical exploration and cultural experience, reflecting the core design concept of "slow life, exquisite, immersive, and tasteful".

How to con-tinue the urban memory of the local silk spinning industry, and how to make a new image of the century-old factory in the existing commercial context, became the big-gest challenge in this case. The project combines modern design techniques with the reconstruction of historical and cultural protection buildings. The interior design aims to continue this look and feel, by enlivening local culture and integrating modern style, and the cultural inher-itance collides with avant-garde art, creating a unique space with urban imprint.

The finishing design retains some of the original structural columns and floor slabs to restore the architectural components and materials of the silk yarn factory. The "wedge-shaped roof", which is full of the wisdom of the working people, is preserved and used. It uses the design technique of repetition and superposition, and the steel structure is used to reinforce the safety of the original wooden trusses. The design is innovative based on the heritage, using cement paint and white paint to interpret the aesthetics of the original building space with modern materials. The main atrium is made into a social and interactive place with a sense of historical exploration and cultural experience.

The spatial planning is centered on the stage, with the two sides symmetrically distributed in a central axis. The stage uses metal drapes projected by colorful multimedia lighting to "weave" the main installation floating in the main atrium in tribute to the history and culture of the silk yarn industry. Light fixtures in the shape of silk spindles are arranged in the metal drapes like raindrops, creating a light and airy scene of emotional memories. The "wedge-shaped roof", which used to be full of the wisdom of the working people, has been retained and used, using repetitive and overlapping design techniques. Steel structures are used to reinforce the original wooden truss for safety. The "wedge-shaped roof" blends with modern architectural space, creating a vibrant commercial space that is "retro, simple, soft, exquisite, and brand new". The design style of the escalator and service desk is integrated, with a minimalist black and white tone and slender black lines outlining the elegance of the space. In addition to regular business consultation and handling functions, the service desk also features value-added services such as power banks, umbrellas, wheelchairs, emergency medical kits, and humanized functions such as temporary storage.

The unique open commercial space redefines the original local commercial layout and satisfies the constantly iterating consumer demand. Since its opening on June 19, 2021, the project has become a new landmark and "traffic king" in Jiaxing, with over 50% of the brands being the first stores in Jiaxing.


 69000 mq
  31,947,825.00 €
 Xing Wang
 Li Biyun, Li Jiazhou, Bai Wulan, Zhang Yu, Liu Jianfu, Chen Kunpeng, Wang Hui, Yin Jie, Wang Yuchen, Guo Yingwen, Cheng Lan
 Vitus Lau


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