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CM Wine Shop, finding new ways to craft memories in the present

Studio Antares A + E

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Studio Antares A + E

Location, location, location... The idea for project is inspired by its urban setting - the enchanting city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria (European Capital of Culture in 2019), and more specifically - the vibrant district of Kapana. This urban enclave is poised to take center stage as it experiences a renaissance in arts and culture. Kapana is undergoing a revitalization led by the city municipality's vision, evolving it into an art center dedicated to fostering creative and contemporary industries. Drawing in artisans, and entrepreneurs, Kapana has become an inspiring hub that embraces innovation and artistic expression, attracting a new wave of visitors eager to explore its captivating blend of creativity, history, and modernity.

Designed as a newcomers to the district is a thoughtfully designed wine store; the shop is a unique addition as the wines are selected from a fully certified biodynamic French vineyard and are complimented by a thoughtfully conceived space. The design integrates contemporary moments with the district's historic charm to create an immersive space. The design approach was crafted to reflect the company's brand which embraces the preservation of the environment for future generations, while focusing on producing purer, finer and more elegant wines. Emphasizing a refined sense of functionality, the design helps enhance a vibrant environment for creativity to flourish and attract a new breed of visitors eager to immersethemselves in Kapana's unique ambiance.

The wine shop embraces a minimalist design language to ensure a harmonious blend of past and present. One of the key elements is adaptive reuse, breathing new life into current spaces; the wine bar occupies a small footprint of 20 sq.m.; that sits at the ground level of an existing old building. The ground level also accommodates the entrance for a residential apartment above the store, making the most of the site constraints. Below the ground level is the wine cellar, connected by stairs which are discreetly tucked away at theback of the store.

As a nod to the multifaceted wine experience, a single oak surface envelops the space and spans from wall to ceiling, evoking the materials and abstracted shape of a wine vat. Twomurals of historic images of the vineyard deepen the immersive feeling of the space. A restrained display of select bottles in jewel-like boxes are nestled into the oak surface and are intended to allow visitors to discuss and explore selections with the staff. A curtain delicately aids the transition between the front store glazing and the interior space, while also serving to conceal the stair leading to the wine cellar below. A small handful of tables out on the sidewalk expands the wine tasting area into the open public space, encouraging social interactions and collaborations. The integration of pedestrian-friendly zones adds to the allure, providing an inviting atmosphere for both locals and tourists to explore, relax, and engage with the surroundings.

As Kapana is Plovdiv's artistic heart, the design of the wine shop is an ideal demonstration of the district's commitment to nurturing creativity, revitalizing historical spaces, and embracing modernity. The preservation of the architectural past, while finding new ways to craft memories in the present, allows for a chance at new perspectives. The fusion of old and new creates a captivating tapestry that attracts a fresh wave of visitors eager to discover the district's vibrant arts and culture.


 Wine Shop
 20 mq
 Studio Antares A + E
 Pavel Getov , Alexandrina S. Getov (Principals); Ivelina Krasimirova Mincheva, Aleksandar Nikolaev Ivanov


Studio Antares A+E is a collaborative practice with aim on integration of architecture, arts and environment through emphasis on advanced methods of project delivery. We operate in a think-tank type of environment assembling team of experts for the particular needs of each job. Based in Los Angeles, California and practicing throughout the United States and abroad, we strive to understand the specific cultural context of each task that we undertake and to find a unique solution for each particular challenge.


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