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Beijing Kuntai Yunzhu Model Home, an archetype of living space

Ding Ding Studio

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Ding Ding Studio

Ding Ding Studio team, adhering to the most genuine attitude towards space and humanities, focuses on the lives of urban elites, and considers the essence of life with the design theme of "Love Flight Diary". Let the space become the externalisation of an independent individual's lifestyle.

Reflecting on the similarities and differences in the positioning of residential products on the market, the question is whether the essence of living is reproduced in the space. The intention of living does not depend on where you are but on your state of mind. "The mind condenses and interprets the form, in harmony with all things". The design is aware of the inner meaning of the space itself in order to enter the heart.

The site is located in Tongzhou, an emerging sub-centre of Beijing, which has gradually developed into a secondary centre of the city in recent years. In the early Jin Dynasty, King Wanyan Liang of Hailing set up Tongzhou as a means of "transporting goods to and from the city", and in modern times, the area is home to a large number of automobile companies, and is inundated with new and old family members.

As urban prosperity spreads throughout the city, our definition of residence has been conceptualised over time, giving rise to more desires.As the human living model is iterated and updated, the connotation of residence is extended and expanded, and the ideals or visions pursued by urban living are gradually becoming reality at the meeting point of time.

The living room, the seating, the books and the greenery form a stable triangle in which nature and the soul are not so far apart. The true meaning of art is not just the direct sensation of the senses, but the true touch of the heart.

In the bedroom, the dormer window and the glass window that dominate the visual surface are treated as the layout of a beauty's lean-to in a garden, adding a leisurely and romantic layer to the square master bedroom. Sunlight, air and nature permeate the entire space from here, making it warm, comfortable and full of cosy philosophies. The light and soft medium allows life to return to nature and explore the origin of life.

In terms of design, metal, leather and wood, these different elements collide and overlap with each other in the open space of the living room. The high-tech texture of the metal shelf wall is highlighted and becomes the visual centre of gravity of the living room. The use of dark colours also deepens the scale of the space. By honing in on the spatial environment and the character of the owner, the space follows the changing behaviour of life in form and establishes a dialogue between art and life in the field, creating a spiritual fortress full of power about life and art within.

In the entrance hall, the entire living room is reflected in a square atmosphere. The linearity of the metal shelving wall and the lines of the lattice pattern lead the eye in the same direction to the large floor-to-ceiling windows. This emphasises the spatial order and increases the psychological level of communication between the interior and exterior. The absence of main lighting appears to conceal the guidance of light, yet the absence of a track embedded in the ceiling responds to this authority.

Laugier's 'the primitive hut' proposed an archetype of living space, an ideal architectural form that embodies what is natural and inherent. Through this project, we hope to reinterpret life from a design perspective, allowing space to become the externalisation of an individual's lifestyle, rather than being defined by the prevailing market style. From the perspective of design, we want to break the logic of the programmed interior space of the residence.


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 Ding Ding Studio
 Ding Ding Studio


Ding Ding Studio is a high-end interior design and soft furnishing design integration company, the company's main designer has 20 years of design career, worked in the domestic top design institute. Based on space design, we provide professional and personalised design for our clients.

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