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Symbiosis Building D, a new urban landmark in Milan


Innovation and Design  /  Completed

As in all other initiatives in Milan and Europe, Covivio's commitment in the area is to invest know-how and experience to guarantee future users spaces enabling work, increasing efficiency and performance, and contributing to improve the livability of this part of the city, making it an attractive and welcoming meeting place.
For ACPV ARCHITECTS, the Symbiosis masterplan has been one of the most complex projects that the practice worked on - and continues to work on. Symbiosis is a new point of urban gravity that attracts major business operations and educational opportunities – an open urban fragment that establishes an organic connection with its immediate surroundings and becomes an integral part of Milan. Building D is the most recent development to reach completion in the area.

Studying the context has been crucial for conceiving the Symbiosis business district and its buildings. The industrial history of the urban landscape expresses a very strong character and a vision about the work environment as a place that is made by a community of different activities that complement each other. Symbiosis follows this tradition by bringing the area closer to the culture of university campuses, making it a vibrant settlement that contrasts sharply with the tradition of monolithic buildings for work. This unique character is achieved by lifting Building D’s off the ground to allow pedestrian pathways to pass through the centers of the volumes, encouraging passers-by to explore their city and its architecture through new perspectives.

As a highly energy-efficient building designed with social sustainability in mind, Building D has obtained LEED Platinum and WELL Bronze certifications for its focus on people’s well-being and energy-efficiency. In addition, Building D’s flexible layout facilitates agile work processes, fostering interaction through collaborative workspaces where people can connect seamlessly with colleagues working from home. Following ACPV ARCHITECTS’ ’Building-as-a-City’ concept, this optimized use of workspace allows the building to diversify and absorb a wide range of functions that one would expect only in a larger, urban environment.

Building D, designed for European investment and development company Covivio, welcomes large firms, such as Boehringer Ingelheim, LVMH P&C Italia, Amplifon, and companies of the Mars – Royal Canin Italia and Fratelli Orsero groups.
The office building comprises two superimposed volumes: a shorter four-floor-high portion whose top floors cantilever over Via Orobia, and a nine-floor-high portion with generous spatial arrangements for office spaces, and commercial spaces on the ground floor. The green outdoor garden located on the roof of the shorter volume improves employees’ well-being by offering a one-of-a-kind place for a casual walk or light physical exercise.
The completion of Building D is a major milestone in implementing the Symbiosis masterplan by ACPV ARCHITECTS that envisions an accessible new district, following a polycentric and pedestrian-friendly model of sustainable urban development, as part of the Sharing Cities project, a European initiative focused on innovative approaches to creating more environmentally sustainable and livable cities.

Symbiosis Building D is inspired by the industrial history of the area, which expresses a vision of the workplace as a place formed by a community of different activities that complement each other, the same synergies that are triggered today between the various companies and realities of primary standing that inhabit the spaces of this new building.


 20000 mq
 ACPV ARCHITECTS Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel
 Client: Covivio / ACPV ARCHITECTS team: Antonio Citterio, Patricia Viel, with Mauro Novazzi, and Domenico Cattolico, Alessandra Guadagnino, Alessandro Marini, Silvia Pirrera, Daniele Raimondi, Nicolò Rosmarini.
 CMB Società cooperativa Muratori e Braccianti di Carpi
 Landscape architect: arch. Carlo Masera | Engineering (MEP): Artelia Italia | Engineering (Structures): SCE Project | Fire safety: FSC ENGINEERING | Facades: Studio di Ingegneria Rigone
 Leo Torri, Giovanni Nardi


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