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The idea was to combine, just like in a forest made of stems and trunks, volumes of different heights with convexities and profiles that give the building the materiality of a tree bark. The aim is to translate all the connotations coming from the landscape into architecture. The vegetation is an integral part of this building and the planting contributes to the definition of its architecture. The residential complex is innovative, in addition to green architecture there is a lot of focus on environmental sustainability: various strategies will be adopted to minimise the impact on the environment: wind permeability, natural lighting, rainwater harvesting and energy production from renewable sources.

The project is located at the point on Via Cristoforo Colombo that bends towards the south-west and crosses Via Delle Sette Chiese, a densely urbanised area but rich in strongly connotative natural elements, from which inspiration was drawn to develop a new concept of residential architecture, firmly integrated with the peculiarities offered by the nature of the place, and aimed at tracing a sign of continuity with the theme of Roman buildings of the last century, becoming a coherent reworking of the salient elements. The project adopts and translates into architecture the suggestions coming from the surrounding landscape, while breaking away from the heavy stereometry and monolithic nature of the nearby buildings.

The building, which is 12 levels above ground, is conceived as a sort of forest, a juxtaposition of stems and trunks of different heights; the fragmentation of the volume, the convexity of the profiles, and the chromatic tensions of the extruded terracotta elements on the façade generate an artefact reminiscent of a bark. From the earliest stages, the project was oriented towards the use - as far as possible - of dry construction systems, aligning itself with the vision according to which contemporary buildings, in order not to further burden the building heritage, must be partially or completely dismountable or readaptable to different uses and functions, all with the least impact on the environment.

The climatic analysis and the study of the contest were objectives pursued from the earliest design phases and provided preliminary indications for outlining environmental strategies right from the development of the concept. In fact, the project aims to achieve a high standard of quality, minimise the impact on the environment and limit the use of active systems, through the definition of a series of passive strategies such as wind permeability, natural lighting, rainwater harvesting and the production of energy from renewable sources on site. FORO residents also have a range of services such as a coworking space, relaxation areas, a roof garden, a living room and other spaces that optimise leisure time.

This project emphasises all the urban redevelopment that is taking place in the entire Eur/ Colombo district, both in terms of its architecture and the technological innovation it brings. Externally, it was decided to organise the volume of the building to maximise both the exposure towards the south and the view towards the centre of Rome to the north.


 12044 mq
  80,000,000.00 €
 Ditta Federici e Igliori per costruzioni edilizie SpA
 Mario Cucinella Architects progettazione architettonica e Laura Gatti progettazione del verde
 New Development
 Stimp srl per gli impianti, Holzer Bertagnolli per le strutture.
 Molteni Dada, Listone Giordano, Florim, Gessi, KOS, Albed, Bticino


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