ANDREA TREBBI ARCHITETTO - Via Sacco e Vanzetti, a chromatic compactness for new residential building
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Via Sacco e Vanzetti, a chromatic compactness for new residential building


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The project idea takes shape as a result of the the municipal plan (POC) that includes the vast area former seat of the gabrielli plant nursery in via della certosa and the commercial building land located among via Sacco e Vanzetti, via delle tofane and the giacomo bulgarelli public park. About the first area, the POC allocates the expansion of the public park, while about the second of oblong conformation it confers the settlement of the new residential building whose parameters are expressed by the equalization index integrated by the volumetric recovery of the existing buildings.

South, the hilly panorama and the basilica of San Luca represent the peculiar landscape of the site; alternately the eastern panorama offered by the extension of the city is associated with the wall of the Certosa to the west and with the vastness of the plain to the north. the premise of adapting the volumetric consistency of the architectural project to that of the pre-existing structures found in the urban context within the limit of eight floors, implies the prerogative to extend the building in the quadrangular planimetric shape of the designated land area.

The character of sustainability in the project and in the work of architecture is not considered peculiar: sustainability is a topic that must be dealt with, or implemented, on the whole territory by the Institutions (burying networks, disappearance of parked cars from surfaces, viability in tunnels, optimization of waste management, general tonicity of the architectural environment ...); the project complies with the requirements of the excellence of the energy classification which is something else than sustainability.

The work results from the consecutive aggregation according to the north-south orientation of two envelopes; the one facing north is six floors above ground, the other is five; their connection takes place on the underground levels and on the fourth and fifth floors. residences can range from 24 to 28 units overall. The significant emptying of the volumes extracts prodigal outdoor areas which in the west elevation observe the hilly landscape reference. The texture of the openings adheres to the different declinations of the two opposite east and west elevations: in one case, the coplanarity of the front leads to releasing the scheme, in another, the subsequent articulation of the floors and terraces claims its regularization. The design of the light brick fields strengthens the textures and regulates the composition of the voids; the chromatic compactness uniforms the materials and recommends the sobriety of the work.

The client's thoughts on the work are based on two contradictory parameters: on the one hand, the conscious satisfaction of being able to activate a project of excellent architectural quality, on the other, the equally aware data on the economic structure of the intervention, whose higher construction cost imposes a higher unit cost of the asset compared to the 'market' custom of the urban sector.


 4550 mq
  7,000,000.00 €
 Andrea Trebbi, Rita Garuti
 Rita Trentini, Stefano Schiavina, Luca Nanni


Andrea Trebbi (1954) graduated in architecture in Florence in 1979. He won the competitions of the former Academy of Agriculture in Bologna, of the parking under Piazza Carducci in Bologna and under Piazza Stracciari in Casalecchio di Reno, of the Town Hall of San Lazzaro di Savena, of the Starhotel Tuscany in Florence, of Casa Lyda Borelli for Artists in Bologna.
The works include the Pellicceria Lido, the expansion of 'Villa Serena', the Starhotel Excelsior, the former Apollo cinema-theater, the former Hotel Saragozza, the 'Eugenio Gruppioni' residence, the Avl Italia headquarters. He elaborates parking plans, and the restoration projects of the Pieve di Santa Maria di Calamosco, of the Communication Museum in the Monumental Complex of the Baraccano, of a new stadium of Bologna FC. In 2010 Simon set up the exhibition AndreaTrebbi 1980-2010. In 2006 Editrice Compositori published Andrea Trebbi, 1980-2005 architecture and in 2015 The Plan Andrea Trebbi 2006-2015 projects and works.

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