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Uptown R8 - Inspire: a residence that expands beyond your apartment door

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MAB Arquitectura

Architecture and nature, Variety of Urban Landscape, Centrality of public space, Living beyond the home. These are the pivotal themes from which R8 plot – UpTown Inspire - was conceived. R8 is the central plot in Cascina Merlata and because of its location it plays the role of urban hinge between the park, the northern square and the Boulevard. The project creates a varied and articulated dialogue, a response to the different "systems" on which the lot is grafted: the Boulevard to the west (City), the Park to the east (Nature) and the North and South Squares (Public Spaces). The topic of the lot's significant building density is addressed by the combined use of linear blocks and towers, arranged around the central courtyard in order to reduce projected shadows and vis-à-vis between buildings.

The design of R8 plot is a masterplan within a masterplan. The settlement strategy of volumes, openings, views, and layouts are carefully studied in the project, which has a dual soul: an urban one that looks to the Boulevard and a natural one that looks to the park.

The arrangement of volumes establishes a dynamic relationship with the context: three linear blocks with material and mineral treatment face the Boulevard and public spaces to the north and south. Toward the park, two towers of different heights define a new landmark, opening the block toward the green, in a symbiotic relationship between nature and buildings.
The northeast tower is rotated diagonally from the north plaza and acts as a junction between streams and creates an invitation toward the park.

Other important elements are the measures to reduce the energy impact of the intervention, which necessarily have repercussions on the immediate surroundings and the environment in general. The extensive use of renewable energy such as geothermal and solar thermal is planned and all buildings are designed to meet “A Class”. Home automation systems contribute to energy savings in the common and green areas and passive bioclimatic devices - pergolas and brise-soleil in the façade - shield the buildings and mitigate heat. The large presence of greenery in the block, which adds to the large green lung of UpTown Park, reduces the heat island and contributes to improved atmospheric quality.

Centrality of public space. All MAB’s projects have a strong component related to public spaceIn R8 public space is deputed to connect, create opportunities for use, inspire activities, differentiate areas. The invisible traces of connecting flows define the generative lines of the project, echoing the layouts of the Masterplan: the axis of the Boulevard and that of the school create a new triangular square to the south, overlooked by commerces, while to the north the public space creates the Boulevard-Park and Court-North Square connection. Living beyond the home. It is an important topic of the project and means extending beyond the private and domestic space the experience of living, enriching it with activities related to work and relax. The intervention includes a strong endowment of amenities and collective spaces, organically integrated into the project, conceived as second-level centralities, not public but collective, aimed at the inhabitants.
The amenities are located on the ground floor of the buildings and on the elevated courtyard. The latter defines a private space for the exclusive use of the inhabitants, a "basement" that not only reinforces the continuity of the block on the fronts but also accommodates the amenities and private garden.The transparency of the building promotes total openness to light and the surrounding nature, defining a continuity between interior and exterior, both visual and of use.

Choosing Inspire UpTown means choosing a different home and a different life. Be inspired by a residence that expands beyond your apartment door. A place where condominium services will nourish your daily life, opening the way to unexplored opportunities for well-being and happiness. A new life project where you can reconcile the rhythms of urban life with an intimate dimension where you can find greater serenity and balance. In short: well-being; security; sustainability.


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 MAB arquitectura
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MAB arquitectura is an architectural firm based in Milano, founded in Barcelona in 2004 by Floriana Marotta and Massimo Basile.The approach of the office is based on a site-specific architecture with strong identity. MAB designs urban masterplans, public spaces and redevelopment proposals for brownfield regeneration. At the architectural scale MAB works on residential buildings, re-use and facilities design. Among the most relevant works: the Housing complex and Public Park in Via Gallarate-Milan, The Patronage Laïque-Cultural Centre and temporary housing in Paris, the restoration of the lighthouse at Capofaro Locanda&Malvasia Resort, the urban regeneration projects “ Redo Merezzate” and Moneta” in Milan. Among ongoing projects there are the Masterplan for the new smart district Milano4You in Segrate, the expansion of Tasca D’Almerita’s Winery at Etna, the brownfield renovation in Settimo Milanese, the Parish Multipurpose Center in Reggiolo (RE).


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