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Social Housing for Youth, Tucheng District: a modern and colorful co-living community

J. A. Chen Architects & Associates

Housing  /  Completed
J. A. Chen Architects & Associates

The concept of this project is to reveal the formal courtyard houses became a friendly modern community. By using the double L shape layout to connect the water front and green nearby with open landscape. Moreover, the vertical greenary at terrace, roof garden and double high balcony every three floors, the community creat public spaces for residents to meet, to gethering and to share life.

Those public spaces including courtyard, terrace, bridge with garden, large steps as amphitheater, and roof garden all became a part of co-living space. People who live in this community could extent their life from indoor to outdoor and make more friends with activities. That's the main goal to make this social housing not just an apartment, but a friendly co-living home like old time before.

First of all, the site layout creat and public courtyard and it's openning toward to the MRT station nearby, which allow all neighborhood to pass this green garden as an friend passway. Also this courtyard became a biology island between the water front park at east and a green open space at the west. We choose and raised the trees for landscape at the beginning of construction at nursery. When the construction near finish, all trees are growing big enough to perfectly merge with the existing suroundings. That makes all the bio conditions fusion as one when the first day the community start to use. The greens at courtyard extent to water front just look like as one, and the birds easily rest and sing in the courtyard makes it a bio friendly community.

The sustainable strategies: 1. The solar panel system at the roof top to provide 40kw electricity at public area, and use all LED lighting fixtures and class 1 engery saving air conditioning system. 2. Collecting rain water through roof garden and courtyard, and use it as landscaping irrigation. The rain water tank also could be a flood detention pond during raining season. 3. Using natural veltilation valves at exterior wall for all living units, also an atrium at basement parking area to make sure the fresh air supply. 4. More than 95% materials are local source, and using recycled concrete bricks as pavements. 5. The trees in this project make the green carbon sequestration reaches 64,353 kg/yr, which is twice of the standard. This project also won 2023 A+ Award sustainable residential.

The project is design for vulnerable groups and youth, so all the space match the universal design priciple and creat friendly space for co-living. There are 5% living units specially for handicape people, and a co-living house unit for 24 youths they could share kitchen and living room. Also a co-working office for youth at 2nd floor.

The idea is to create a green courtyard and connect the surounding waterfont with green open space. We use the connecting bridge, entrance steps, amphitheater, and double high bolcony at public area to let residents meet, rest, work and imitate and to make a friendly co-living community.

The building technology emphasize the sesimic resitance, and using wall damper and expention joint to reduce the influence of earthquick. On the exterior, the alunium expention net provide translusnet visure experience at balconies. The weather resist paint bring the bright orange color contract with raw concrete make the whole building with modrenism clear but identify quality.

Moreover, this project did a lot effort at generation solar energy, recycling rain water, maxium greenary, and using all energy saving certify equipemnts. And security and energy managyment system for community operation. So it got local EEWH green building Gold level certificate, and Intelligent building Silver level certificate. And 2023 A+ Award special mention at sustainable residential category.

The project starting from the idea of co-living community. The design team use the void to allow activities happen. Also use the feature elements such as connecting bridge, entrance steps, amphitheater, and double high balcony to connect public and privacy area to form the fleeing of co-living community. Besides the successful co -living space, this project also make a good example of using color and materials to bring a modern but unique taste of social housing.


 New Taipei City
 New Taipei City Goverment
 Provide the disadvantaged with high quality renting social housing, especial for youth.
 51423 mq
  47,955,583.00 €
 J. A. Chen Architects & Associates
 J. A. Chen, H. Y. Yen, S. H. Chen
 Chien Kuo Construction Co., Ltd.
 Federal engineering consultant Co., H & H Landscape architecture works
 Chien Kuo Construction Co., Ltd.
 J. A. Chen Architects & Associates


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