Archest - Quarto Urban Park combines architectural qualities with a spirit of eco-sustainability
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Quarto Urban Park combines architectural qualities with a spirit of eco-sustainability


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From the beginning on the idea, the concept was based on treating the fronts on the park differently from the more "urban" fronts on Via Quarto, seeking precisely and harmoniuosly through the terraces and flowerbeds an ideal continuity with the green space. The element "green" has grown up together with the building and is strengthening the idea of sustainability that is one of the principles of the project.

Within the intervention, the "green" element is of fundamental importance and inspires the concept. With this in mind, efforts have been made to harmonize private and collective spaces so that there is no clear separation but rather a gradualness between the public park, condominium green and private gardens. The private gardens are a real extension to the outside of the dwelling, ensure a minimum of privacy eliminating introspection from semi-public spaces.

The "green" connotation of the building will be reinforced by the sustainable choices of the systems, such as the use of geothermal energy, and by the selection of construction and finishing materials that will have the most eco-friendly characteristics possible; special attention in the project is to promote the use of bicycles (storage and washing area) and for the proper storage of household waste with a special area at the end of the access ramp to the basement.

The building will have the certification Casaclima A.

The rhythm of the façade is paced thanks to terraces and green areas which is connected to the green developed vertically along the south facade of the building. The architectural composition includes a basement ground floor strongly related to the gardens, the first and second floors that present similar characteristics and the top floor that is designed as a part in break with the materiality of the floors below. This is in contrast both in form and in finishing material and creates a horizontal sign and an effect of progressive dissolving of the building. To strengthen this idea of progressive lightness related to the development in height are thought of parapets in perforated metal that gradually increase the size of the voids.

The building aims to combine architectural qualities with a spirit of eco-sustainability that is increasingly necessary, improving the quality of life of the building's users, who on the south and east fronts will be able to enjoy a beautiful view of the park.


 Immobiliare Friulana Nord S.p.A.
 4260 mq
  9,500,000.00 €
 Archest S.r.l,
 arch. Annamaria Coccolo, arch. Gaetano De Napoli, arch. Marco Burino, arch. Fabio Mazzero
 Acoustic: geom. Matteo D’Ambrosio; MEP and Fire safety: DD Associati, ing. Alessandro Driussi, per. ind. Luca De Tina


Archest is an architecture and engineering company established in 2006 through the union of two design studios. Composed by over 50 architects, engineers and technicians with considerable experience in the integrated design and management of public works, even of considerable complexity, in Italy and abroad. The headquarters are in the province of Udine. However, Archest comprises offices in Milan, Rome, Dubai and Moscow.
After the concept phase, the architectural design is developed in an integrated manner, and with the coordination of architects, by the in-house engineering office, which channels the project on the tracks of sustainability, industrialisation and digitalisation through an integrated BIM modelling process, thus the entire design and execution phase can be kept under control while remaining consistent with the initial project idea.

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