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PEDRE: collaboration, rehabilitation, and adaptive architecture


Housing  /  Completed

The project stemmed from the desire to transform the traditional box-like residential buildings into a collective and heterogeneous space that embraces extensions such as patios, corridors, terraces, and stairs. The concept was developed through a participatory design process, incorporating expertise in architecture, engineering, urbanism, landscaping, and interior design. The aim was to create a resilient and adaptive structure that interacts with its surroundings.

PEDRE is situated in proximity to a natural reserve known as the matorral xerófilo, characterized by its rich biodiversity and aesthetic value. The project acknowledges and integrates with the natural and architectural heritage of the area, including Ciudad Universitaria, the San Ángel neighborhood, and Loreto district. It aims to contribute positively to the environmental services of the city, such as thermal insulation, noise reduction, and air quality improvement.

PEDRE emphasizes sustainability and eco-compatibility. The use of Bubbledeck lightweight slabs and Aircrete prefabricated concrete walls showcases innovative construction practices. These materials and technologies optimize resource efficiency and reduce environmental impact. The project also prioritizes the preservation of natural elements, incorporating endemic vegetation and establishing a strong connection with the surrounding landscape. Although specific certifications or awards are not mentioned, the project aligns with sustainable design principles.

PEDRE is a timeless, pragmatic, solid, comfortable, functional, and resilient architectural work. Its diverse team ensured a participatory design approach, resulting in a collective effort that addresses the cultural, social, and economic aspects of the El Pedregal area. The project's strength lies in its ability to create unique living experiences, promoting a high quality of life in sustainable environments. It successfully balances density and permeability, integrates with the natural reserve, and celebrates the architectural heritage of the surroundings. PEDRE's architectural form, combining vertical and curved elements, makes it an iconic and responsive structure.

The client values the social and environmental impact of the project. They appreciate how PEDRE harmonizes with the natural reserve and the existing urban fabric. The project's emphasis on sustainable design, innovation, and the integration of diverse disciplines is highly valued. The client sees PEDRE as a testament to collaboration, rehabilitation, and adaptive architecture, contributing to the revitalization of the El Pedregal area.


 Mexico City
 42725 mq
  50,000,000.00 $
 JSa / MTA+V
 JSa: Javier Sánchez, Benedikt Fahlbusch / MTA+V: Miguel de la Torre
 Factor Eficiencia
 Landscape: Devas Landscape, Woodwork: Dimadmx, Furniture: Hector Esrawe, Structure: Héctor Margain, Engineers: Elix Lighting: Martin Leal
 Rafael Gamo


JSa is a transformer in the revitalization of Mexico City, specializing in urban acupuncture projects and architectural heritage restoration.

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