INOA Architecture - Lotus 315, a blend of residents' privacy and comfort with the dynamic energy of commercial activities
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Lotus 315, a blend of residents' privacy and comfort with the dynamic energy of commercial activities

INOA Architecture

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INOA Architecture

Lotus 315 emerged from a context-driven approach, prioritizing privacy, amenities, and unique living spaces in a mixed-use environment. Lotus 315's L-shaped massing connects neighboring facades, integrating with the urban fabric. The tiered design separates commercial and residential areas, ensuring privacy and distinct access. The concept harmonizes form and function through iterative processes, balancing commercial and residential spaces with amenities and unique layouts. The result is Lotus 315, a thoughtfully designed mixed-use building that embodies the vision of privacy, convenience, and distinctive living within the vibrant New York City Metropolitan area.

The L-shaped massing blends with the neighboring building facades. The careful separation of residential and commercial circulation enhances the functionality and user experience. By cantilevering each floor on the residential side, a welcoming canopy effect is created, while setback floors on the commercial side establish a gradual transition between apartments and commercial entries. The tiered design provides continuous terraces at each level, fostering a connection with the outdoors. Furthermore, this tiered approach is extended to the building ends, creating terraces and ensuring privacy from adjacent driveways. Overall, the design of Lotus 315 harmonizes with the surrounding context, creating a dynamic relationship between the project and its urban environment.

Lotus 315 features a defining continuous ribbon-like surface that envelops the building, adding visual interest and functional value. This design element creates public commercial spaces and semi-public residential lobbies, enhancing the overall experience. The project prioritizes the occupants' needs with a mix of commercial spaces and unique apartments, complemented by expansive outdoor terraces. The intermediate floor slabs with varying knee walls create transparency and depth in the facade. Lotus 315 excels in integrating the ribbon-like surface, creating inviting communal spaces, and showcasing meticulous attention to detail. Its strength lies in providing privacy, amenities, and distinctive living spaces, making it a standout in architectural design.

Lotus 315 aims to redefine the commercial mixed-use typology by harmonizing the residents' privacy and comfort with the dynamic energy of commercial activities. By integrating diverse functions and addressing various constraints, we minimize both perceived and physical complexities. At INOA, this approach allows us to create visually cohesive and conceptually organized designs, ensuring a seamless and harmonious experience.


 East Orange
 New Jersey, USA
 Blackstone 360
 20903 mq
 INOA Architecture
 Murat Multlu, Stephen Zecher, Jin Chen, Harriet Provine and Zhaoqi Chen


INOA Architecture was founded by Murat Mutlu in 2010. Our work covers various scales, locations, and sectors. We have worked in private, corporate, and public sectors. Our specialty is our design philosophy which allows us to work on any scale and typology.

Our niche is creating contemporary functionalist spaces. We provide design solutions constrained by contextual and functional requirements. Integrating multiple functions and constraints within a unifying formal system is a way for us to minimize perceptional and physical complexity. This approach enables us to create visually and conceptually uniform and organized spaces or objects.

We implement state-of-the-art digital design tools to produce designs from conceptual presentations to execution drawings. A collaborative and multi-disciplinary approach is a key part of our design process. This approach allows us to efficiently explore new design territories and create unique design solutions.


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