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Infinity Nord: water, green and art create a unique place to live

Design International

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Design International

The residential Masterplan takes inspiration from Brancusi infinite bloom flowers, it creates a continuous loop that connect the two sites. The Masterplan propose a sequence of spaces, courtyards connected by nodal areas and a main central plaza with a boulevard on the north side as central spine of the enlarged area under development. The journey through the spaces is becoming a unique experience with key elements that are playing together: Green, Water, Art. These are the elements that drive the design conception. The natural environment is blend with the buildings in a continuous journey through spaces highlighted by art and landmarks. Water and Green provides that wellbeing needed from the body and Art is feeding the soul, with the common goal to create a unique habitat to live.

Nestled in the north of Bucharest lies a prime location with enormous potential for growth and development. The area’s excellent connectivity, with easy ingress to major highways and public transportation, makes it an attractive destination for those seeking comfort and accessibility. Has been recognized this area’s potential and launched an extensive urban regeneration program to further enhance its appeal. This program includes ambitious plans for new green spaces, revitalized infrastructure, and a new commercial hub to attract businesses and investors to the area. As a result, this exclusive location is poised for rapid growth and development in the coming years, making it an exceptional opportunity for those seeking to invest in a dynamic and prosperous community.

The aspect of sustainability has been fundamental from the very beginning in the development of the project. In order to achieve a development that ensures the well-being of people, impactful climatic factors such as solar radiation have been taken into consideration, to be controlled during summer and encouraged during winter. Measures to reduce temperatures in summer and mitigate air and noise pollution have also been implemented. The building will be constructed using prefabricated insulated panels with triple-glazed windows. Rainwater collection tanks will be built in the underground parking area for the reuse of rainwater, and solar panels will be installed on flat roofs.

The complex features four dynamic buildings with modern facades that incorporate innovative materials and sleek lines. The design provides a breathtaking visual experience that is complemented by open green spaces, offering residents a serene retreat. Clean lines and minimalist approach create a spacious feel, while ample natural light illuminates the living areas. Premium materials and finishes are thoughtfully employed, elevating the look and feel of the interiors. The project’s emphasis on outdoor living allows to experience nature’s beauty from the comfort of the apartments. The architecture features unique elements, such as glass corners that provide breathtaking views of the Plaza and fill living spaces with natural light, resulting in open and connected spaces. The project incorporates innovative luminous contours; at night, the buildings emit a radiant glow, adding a touch of magic and wonder to the design. Infinity Plaza is a vibrant hub surrounded by greenery and cafés and restaurants. The statue and fountain act as eye-catching centrepieces. The Green Courtyards provide a peaceful retreat from the city's chaos with verdant oases intertwined by suspended paths that wind through greenery. The walkways feature artistic touches such as tunnels and statues, surrounded by calming water features. The boulevards offer a range of shopping, and entertainment options, all within the embrace of nature.

Infinity Nord is one of the largest urban regeneration projects in Romania, part of a more comprehensive vision for the next decade. This vision has led us to partner with Design International team, which helped us define our perspective and better understand real estate developments internationally and apply it to the local market. Together we will deliver a correct, well thought, and integrated project, but above all a project committed to provide the best living for all the future residents.


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Design International is an Architectural firm founded in Toronto in 1965. The studio quickly built a reputation for truly innovative design. Driven by a philosophy that seeks to shape local stories to provide unique experiences for every visitor, the practice continues to push the boundaries of architecture. Indeed, Design International pioneered many design features that have since become industry benchmarks. These include the use of glazed roofs to create covered “streets” that are flooded with daylight and creating the first mall that integrated retail and entertainment in one centre.
Building from its strong base in retail, the practice has developed its expertise over many years and now has projects encompassing a range of sectors, including Mixed use developments, Residential, Offices and Hospitality. Current commissions include key projects in Europe, India and the Middle East, as well as innovative new mixed-use developments in China.

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