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Helios Mansion, three towers to create an integrated commercial and residential community

ZHUBO Design

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ZHUBO Design

The project is located in Xinsha Area, Futian District, Shenzhen, on the north side of Xinsha Road, close to the central area of Futian.Near Shenzhen Golf Club in the north and overlooking mangrove park in the south, with obvious geographical advantages. With high plot ratio and limited land use, how to reasonably combine multiple business forms, balance the requirements of returning and relocating residents in the core area of Futian, and solve the technical problems of super high-rise buildings, so as to create an integrated commercial and residential community with high density and high quality that is the symbol of the urban core area?

Pay attention to the relationship between the site and the golf park, reserve the sight corridor, and ensure the connection between the land and the landscape to the city. At the same time, the green space of the golf park is extended and integrated into the base. After comprehensive long-term, multi-scheme design, in-depth study of the combination of various business forms and selection, we selected three super high-rise towers as the results of qualitative and quantitative analysis of the planning. Finally, the residential for sale will be placed in the northeast corner of the base, the relocating housing and affordable housing in the southeast side of the base, and the hotel and apartment in the northwest corner of the base.

The three towers are basically stagger through the normal line. The sale house has a first-line golf landscape, facing the 80-meter-long internal garden on the south side. The residence also has a first-line golf landscape on the northeast side, and the high area on the southwest side overlooks Shenzhen Bay Mangrove Park. The hotel is in the northwest corner, which is closely connected with golf, and connects the nature of public construction and open golf park. The hotel, apartment and residence are divided into public areas and private residential gardens through the sight corridor of the site. The residential area raises the garden and sets a variety of community facilities along the road; The public building places the hotel on the lower level and the apartments on the higher level, separating the public from the private from the vertical space.

This project has a good planning to give each building the best possible environment under the tight land situation.


 Shenzhen FuTong Real Estate
 186792 mq
  43,492,800.00 $
 Yang Jin, Yang Weizhong, Yu Wei, Jia Qiancheng
 Jiao Jian, Chen Weiping, Chen Long, Chen Jingmin, Liu Weiwei, She Yun, Zhang Jin, Liu Bin, Lan Sufen, Chen Yuquan, Jiang Wei, Liu Qiutao, Liu Ganggang, Pang Yechuan, Guo Zehao, Chen Guanghui


Zhubo Design Co., Ltd. was established in 1996, restructured into a joint-stock company in 2012, and listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2019 (Stock Code: 300564). It is a comprehensive design organization with two class-A qualifications, including construction industry (construction engineering) and urban planning, four class-B qualifications, including municipal engineering (water supply engineering, road engineering, bridge engineering) and landscape architecture engineering.


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