Parisotto+Formenton Architetti - A residential complex in Pordenone, Northern Italy, centered on inhabitants well-being
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A residential complex in Pordenone, Northern Italy, centered on inhabitants well-being

Parisotto+Formenton Architetti

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Parisotto+Formenton Architetti

The considerations on the particular shape and exposure of the lot have generated the preliminary reflections on the complex. The main design intention behind the project is to disaggregate and break down the volumetric concept of condominium, i.e. a single residential block and to avoid single-facing units or units that are privileged from the point of view of exposure. All the apartments have multiple views on several bright sides, benefiting from the variation of light throughout the day.

The building will rise in an urban area close to the center with a main residential use with which it relates in a respectful way also thanks to the green filters. The project aims to make a private open space on the floor available for each apartment. The loggias guarantee a very livable area for convivial and relaxing activities in the open air and filter the relationship between the apartments and the surrounding area. In addition to the common courtyard and loggias, the end unit has its own garden terrace. The well-being of the inhabitants is placed at the center of the design, since the benefits given by an open green area are essential today.

Strength points

Services: Garage or covered parking space + second external parking space, bicycle shed, pre-setting for installation of electric columns for recharging vehicles, internal common courtyard.

Privacy: An aspect studied with particular attention is the privacy of internal views: the fronts facing the internal portion of the garden are designed to preserve the privacy of the inhabitants as much as possible.

Interior spaces: Apartments structured to guarantee well-lit living spaces even in the smallest sizes and emotional views overlooking the greenery. The internal distribution generates a variety of ever-changing views that give identity and value to the entire complex.

Lighting: Natural lighting and ventilation are guaranteed well above average standards. Furthermore, the presence of the loggias expands each apartment towards the outside with generous spaces for outdoor activities.



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 Parisotto+Formenton Architetti
 Parisotto+Formenton Architetti


Parisotto+Formenton Architetti, established by Aldo Parisotto and Massimo Formenton the studio has now 30 years of international experience. As far as architecture is concerned, they have designed museums, residential and commercial buildings. As interior designers, the core business is retail design, for fashion and luxury brands. As designers, they work with major lighting and furniture companies; as yacht designers they have created interiors for yachts and sailyachts. Aldo Parisotto is the Art Director of True Design, Cimento Collection and Qu.



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