Pierattelli Architetture - Villa Gelsomino in Florence, balancing functionality and modern esthetics
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Villa Gelsomino in Florence, balancing functionality and modern esthetics

Pierattelli Architetture

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Pierattelli Architetture

The approach adopted in the architectural concept reflects a modern philosophy, where the structure has been designed to serve not only as a functional building, but also as a distinctive point of reference for the entire surrounding area. The rational shape and volumetric composition integrate perfectly with the surrounding environment, creating a visual harmony between the nature of the space and the design vision. The architecture has been designed to capture the eye, leaving a lasting impression on the mind of the onlooker, who will appreciate the balance between functionality and modern aesthetics that this landmark offers.

The position of the villa is very strategic, offering a rich panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. The complex is positioned in such a way as to complement the surrounding context by creating an element of prominence, creating a gradual balance between the villa and the surrounding nature. The large windows open like a telescope that transports the subject into the landscape, creating an architectural walk.

The building, thanks to careful and detailed planning, took into account the landscape values and environmental constraints of the place. Furthermore, the integration of a sophisticated solar panel system has made it possible to obtain a highly sustainable solution from an energy point of view, which actively contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions and energy savings. Thanks to these characteristics, the building represents a model of environmental sustainability and respect for the surrounding area.

The architectural renovation of the villa required specialist knowledge and a thorough understanding of the client's needs and local planning and building regulations. Furthermore, the analysis of the place where the new structure will be built is fundamental, evaluating aspects such as the position, orientation and morphology of the land, as well as its future use and the architectural style to be given to it. All these fundamental points have given life to an accurate project in which the tectonic elements present are in balance from every point of view. In conclusion, the successful renovation combined expertise and adherence to regulations, while considering land aspects and creating a harmonious architectural design.

The villa, in addition to being perfectly integrated with the surrounding environment, turns out to be a real point of reference for anyone who passes by, thanks to its strategic position which offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding landscape.


 Private villa
 400 mq
  1,000,000.00 €
 Pierattelli Architetture
 Pierattelli Architetture


Architecture, interiors, design: the multidisciplinary approach of Pierattelli Architetture is reflected in tailor-made projects that combine functionality, aesthetics, flexibility and innovation.
Founded in Florence in the 1980s by architect Massimo Pierattelli, today the studio has a team of about 20 professionals, including his sons Andrea and Claudio.
The studio's activity, initially focused on the design of corporate headquarters and bank offices, has expanded over the years to include the hospitality, residential and product design sectors.
Extreme design flexibility ensures the possibility of customizing each individual environment: each architecture is conceived as a sartorial gesture, modeled not only around the client, but also around the context in which it is located. Reinterpreting the past and imagining the future therefore become the main foundation of the work and projects of Pierattelli Architetture.


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