GROWTO DESIGN - A house in Chengdu designed like a four seasons symphony in the forest
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A house in Chengdu designed like a four seasons symphony in the forest


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Similar to the smooth and gently flowing rhyme in poetry, Chengdu’s slow-paced way of living naturally lays the groundwork for a perfect life. The open design of the living room mezzanine makes the most of the available space without using any intentional dividers, allowing the surrounding natural air to freely circulate. The interior’s delicate ornamentation conveys adoration and appreciation for nature as it is. The soft and dense velvet of the sofa, the oily and silky leather of the seats, the clear and elastic wood grain of the wall wood veneer, and the vivid sense of life engage in conversation with the stillness of the forest, adding new aesthetic components to the space as a result.

Living near a lake and surrounded by greenery is a good choice for people. How about selecting a tranquil location amid the noise, and securing a location away from the action? By doing so, the forest could encroach on our life, enabling nature to flourish inside. The designer combines a leaping residential development with the texture of mountains, forests, and lakeshores, blending the city and mountain scenery’s four seasons into a symphony. The image of "red cedar" is logically extended by the connection between the restaurant and living area. The designer adds fun and storytelling to the eating setting by using the collision of cold and warm materials to spark evolution.

As investigation progresses deeper and deeper, it becomes more clear what it’s like to live adjacent to a forest. Modern architecture’s angular shapes meld seamlessly with timber walls, blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces. The decision to build in dark tones reduces the impact of sunshine, which makes the distinction between public spaces on the first floor and private spaces on the second story subtly obvious. This minor modification properly satisfies the tenants’ security requirements and strengthens the link between people and space.

Materials like logs, cotton and linen, velvet, etc. that revert to their original states weave the rhythm of life together, restoring people’s most intuitive pursuits and visions of the true nature of life.

It’s accessible to enter a new realm as we ascend in the direction of the tree jointing. The steps resemble flying keys with their angular, staggered levels, metal handrails, flowing light and shadow, and sharp, jagged blocks. In addition to highlighting the directionality of extension, the free expansion of shape also conveys a yearning for connection. So artistic and practical elements are linked tightly here. People long for a solitary, serene, and therapeutic environment in the bedroom, much as removing the hard exterior of a hemlock and resting still inside the warm and supple interior of a woody core. In order to achieve a personal and earthy fantasy in the light tones, the designer of the bedroom establishes the mood with more delicate and soft beige and maple colors and adds a significant quantity of coarse texture of cotton, linen, and plush materials. Since the city and the natural world are not mutually exclusive, it is necessary to dissolve the lines and obstacle separating them in order to create external connections for serene woodlands. The architect smooths out the rough natural texture of the walls by adding stone decorations that echo the terrace’s scenery. Sunlight and lush vegetation are hidden by the billowing gauze drapes in the afternoon breeze. Suddenly, through the gaps in the stones, grass and trees interact with humans, and nature and the city intimately integrate together here.

Soft decoration fits the mood and spirit of the area if the frame is the skeletal vein of the room. Designers give special attention to the emphasis on various material effects in the choosing of soft apparel due to the consideration of the complexity and diversity of household activities. People may easily let go of their burdens and immerse themselves in the warm temperament of the room to feel


 850 mq
  1,031,565.00 €
 Zheng Jun
 Li Zixu
 Ao Xiang


GROWTO DESIGN was founded in 2010 by Zheng Jun, a well-known Interior designer. For many years, GROWTO has provided a large number of high-end customers with professional services such as top quality interior design and architecture. GROWTO Gentu International has a team of high-quality senior designers. Ensuring the most efficient execution of every project, from overall project planning to detailed construction drawing design, to on-site management and various departmental inspections, ensuring the supervision and completion of the most professional personnel.
In addition, in order to provide clients with the most international design suggestions, we have also established a good cooperation mechanism with internationally renowned architectural design, engineering firms, and professional consulting teams. Through long-term accumulation and continuous perception of life, GROWTO Gentu International is known for its high-end private home customized design.


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