ASAGGIO - Vallazza, where the four natural elements merge with the art of architecture
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Vallazza, where the four natural elements merge with the art of architecture


Hospitality  /  Completed

The design idea comes from the need to demolish the old building, who didn’t have the criteria to satisfy the contemporary needs in terms of sustainability, eco-compatibility and hospitality. In this way the FORESTIS owners had the chance to give to their employees the right building they deserve, as they are the spearhead of the company. The final shape of the building, with the pointed end parts, remember the arrow in the owner’s logo, that represent the trees of the surrounding woods. The symbolic connection among meaning-architecture-context finds its counterpoint in this project, who wants to fulfill the necessary function for contemporary needs, combining territory and tradition.

The building has big openings in favor of the landscape, in order to increase the tension between interior and exterior and lead the way to a higher level of intimacy through closeness and visual distance. The bond with the context is strengthened using local fir and chestnut wood and aggregates for the concrete from the near mountains, in such a way that a greater sense of belonging develops. Due to its simplicity and straightness, the building fits into the existing terrain and integrates harmoniously into the landscape. To preserve the memory of the landscape and the mass of the mountains the building was shaped with a monolithic form defined by a cladding in local wooden slats.

Due to respect the natural environment, local traditions and context it was used the larch woods from the surrounded woods for its greater mechanical strength and particular resistance to atmospheric agents and provided by a local company in order to reduce logistics cost. The main structure of the building is made by a mix of supporting pillars and load-bearing partitions in reinforced concrete. In the design process specific systems have been designed to optimize the service systems and simplify the interiors layout. It is also provided a solar panel system in order to supply the energy needed for the building. Vallazza is a BIG SEE ARCHITECTURE AWARD 2023 winner and the BIG SEE ARCHITECTURE AWARD GRAND PRIX 2023 winner, in the category residential housing.

The project is proposed as a solution to contemporary needs where the focal point is to build with respect for the context and enhancing the landscape. The new building was developed in height because of the ground conditions and in order to preserve the ground as much as possible. In the lower floor it has the garage, service areas and technical rooms; from the ground floor to the third floor the building has residential spaces for the FORESTIS workers and common spaces for social interactions. The materials are enhanced by the bond between shape and meaning, in which their own quality is defined by their surfaces and their way of application. Given the situation of the context, the north side is completely closed without windows in order to protect the interior spaces from the outside noise pollution; instead, the southside has big openings in favor of the landscape with the aim to maximize the absorption of light and heat from the sun’s rays. All in all, the building has the main role to let the people enjoy the beauty of a wild landscape, unspoiled and not yet reduced to the scale of man.

"In this place, the four natural elements merge with the art of architecture to create something very profound."


 2735 mq
 Arch. Armin Sader, Arch. Gian Marco Giovanoli, Arch. Francesco Butturini, Int. Designer Lea Kerschbaumer
 Konstantin Volkmar


ASAGGIO. Gian Marco Giovanoli and Armin Sader met during their joint studies in Innsbruck and Florence. In 2012 they founded the architecture studio ASAGGIO, acronym of the two names and literal expression of their philosophy, embodied by an aesthetic-architectural concept as contemporary as it is shrewd. A mutual inspiration which, through the many projects carried out together, has evolved into a common path called ASAGGIO. A turning point towards a new perspective on architecture, in which each project places the individual at the center.

»Every project has its own soul« In the course of realizing numerous projects, this mutual inspiration evolved into their common path - a turn toward a whole new way of thinking about architecture that focuses on the individual of each project in a special way.

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