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Tibi spa, a green-oriented architecture

3c+t Capolei Cavalli Architetti Associati

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3c+t Capolei Cavalli Architetti Associati

We design wellness area thinking about the care of the places, paying attention to the detail and quality of the spaces, retracing the idea of the place of hospitality, of taking care of people. The space is a path that generates different sensations, accentuating the changes of perspective, with contrasting elements. The attention to detail dominates throughout the project with a prevalence of dark colors on which bright and golden details stand out. These chromatic effects were mainly determined by the choice of materials, evaluated not only for their decorative value, but for their functional value, in relation to the presence of environments sensitive to humidity and our desire to develop a green-oriented architecture.

The concept is based on the care of the places, of the people and on the dialogue with the nearby urban context, where people live their daily lives and from which they must be able to recreate the best context of comfort. A good spa design should seek to blend in with the surrounding landscape. This means that the design of the building and its external features should reflect the aesthetics and natural characteristics of the environment. For example, the use of local materials, color tones that integrate with the environment and an architecture that blends with the surrounding landscape can help create a harmonious relationship.

Designing with the care of places in mind, with an idea of sustainability, which takes into account the technique, the performance of the environments, but above all a relationship between architecture and the materials used capable of generating identity. A model that pays attention to places and people: thus sustainability is transformed from denunciation into action, and architecture re-establishes deep links between people, the environment and the built environment. Different materials, such as wood and ceramics, carry a message as old as man. And yet current. Water, earth, fire, the result of a millenary tradition, now supported by cutting-edge technologies, make sustainability and materiality synonymous with comfort and well-being for people.

Well-being, health and sustainability: these are the main indicators of comfort, which have architecture as the common denominator as the bearer of a balance between mens sana and corpore sano in healthy, functional, eco-sustainable environments. And beautiful.

Relaxation and well-being: a spa is a place dedicated to people's relaxation and well-being.

Relaxing environments: The spas are distinguished by the well-kept and relaxing environments they create.

Education and Awareness: Modern spas also aim to educate customers and promote awareness of health and sustainability.

Sustainable Practices: Modern spas are committed to reducing their environmental impact by adopting sustainable practices

A spa project should relate harmoniously to the surrounding landscape and urban environment, taking into consideration aesthetic, environmental, functional and comfort aspects. The design should favor integration with the natural environment, placing a strong focus on health and sustainability, taking into account the impact both on people's well-being and on the surrounding environment.


 tivoli terme
 fincres s.p.a
 1600 mq
  2,000,000.00 €
 3C+t Capolei CAvalli a.a.
 fabrizio capolei, pierfrancesco capolei, valerio cavalli, paolo cavalli
 studio Mattiucci srl
 stenal, caesar, porcelanosa, 3l piscine, garofalo porte
 benedetta gaiani


The 3C+t Capolei Cavalli Architetti Associati studio was born around the concept of Italian Design. Italian Design is the ability that Italians have to transform, shape, create. The ability of our firm is to work on shapes, to create a dress, an architecture, a car. This creative process begins with research on materials: natural and artificial stones, mosaics, leather, carbon, steel, ceramics, glass; research has never stopped, it has become culture. The 3C+t studio develop this culture since1960.
The studio includes different professionals figures: architects, interior designers, structural engineers, plant engineers,3d professionals, project managers, urban planners, landscape architects. The union of all these professionalism allows to achieve any result, in the construction of buildings, furnishing elements, entire cities or in the transformation of the territory.


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