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The Rock Cabins, surrounded by acacia trees

Hello Wood

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Hello Wood

The project was realized in Csóromfölde, Hungary. The area was formerly a farmstead surrounded by acacia trees. When designing the cabin resort, our main goal was to create something that blends in perfectly with this outstanding site and also encourages manageable tourism all year for the quiet, aging villages around. Six unique cabins were built on the land alongside the additional buildings, such as the reception and the catering pods. While maximizing the comfort of the guests, we created a sustainable resort using mainly wood. The cabins have everything needed for a perfect stay for two people, with the apartments having their own kitchen, dining area, and built-in shower (directly connected to the infrared sauna).

The intention was to create architecture that blends into the landscape as much as possible, which we achieved by using organic forms and materials, as well as restraining the scale of the project. The cabin structures we created are temporary and movable, just like the hay bales of the land. The timber cladding ages beautifully, changing and blending into the green environment. This type of cladding is also a characteristic of local architecture. From the hill above the land, the cabin resort area is visible, but from that distance, the dark, natural gray-colored buildings blend in with this natural environment.

With sustainability at the core of our values, we have designed the Rocks with energy consumption in mind. The structure and the cladding make them modern houses that can be heated and cooled with minimal energy consumption. The living space is elevated from the ground; below this space you can find the technical systems, and above the roof has been constructed to balance interior temperatures. We also considered the impact of the building when choosing materials - we used sustainable FSC certified wood. We chose cabin scale as we stand for sustainable living.

While the cabins have a form of free sculptural bodies, the structure and the cladding make them modern houses with minimal energy consumption. The aim was to prefabricate as many elements as possible to minimize on-site construction work. The design of the roof is in perfect keeping with the natural features of the area while taking into account the requirements of the local building regulations, with the roof planes sloping at 35 and 45 degrees. The buildings don't dominate the site, with a height of 5.29 m. The siting of the cabins falls on the building line, with an average distance of 30 m between them. Due to their compact massing, they are open on only one side, from the terrace, facing outwards from the plot. The residential floors of the buildings are elevated 1.5 m from the ground level, and the external sculptural larch cladding around the internal structural core is designed to blend in with the natural environment, evoking monolithic stones. The aim for the next few years is to use the site year-round rather than seasonally while respecting its natural values ​​and taking even greater care of them during permanent use.

The Rock Cabins were built as a private investment, and the cabins were designed to create a high quality accommodation with a unique look. Our cabins are inspired by the shapes of rocks, so guests can feel more connected to nature during their stay. In addition to the reception building, six individual cabins are available to visitors. With the organic rock form, we have also tried to evoke the spirit of the place - offering countless associations with the cliffs in the landscape.


 Csóromfölde, Vigántpetend
 Hello Wood Zrt, Treehouses Hungary Kft.
 Resort cabins
 167 mq
 Tamás Fülöp
 Péter Pozsár, András Huszár, Krisztián Tóth, Dávid Ráday
 Hello Wood
 Tamás Dévényi, Csaba Valkai
 Máté Lakos, Tamás Bujnovszky


Hello Wood is an international architecture studio specialized in designing, building and developing unique resorts, spectacular cabins, lovable buildings and much more.
Hello Wood started out as an art camp in 2010. Today we exist both as a creative architecture and design studio and an educational platform for architectural dialogue and experimentation.
Our studio projects are driven by innovation, social responsibility and an unwavering passion for great design. We work with wood and other sustainable materials to create buildings that are not only artistic but also eco-friendly and socially relevant. Through our work, we aim to bring architecture closer to the general public.



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