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Pusayapuri, expressing the historical value of Uthong City in Thailand

EKAR Architects

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EKAR Architects

“Uthong” is a forgotten city despite having one of the most ancient civilizations in Thailand. We derive the design approach from the local intention to manifest the historical value of the city with imperfect historical evidence rather than find the perfect one which doesn’t exist. So we decided to bring the quality of repetitive corner recess in the remaining pagoda base and transform it into a protruding and recessing facade module. The protruding unit acts as a bay window that increases interior space whereas the recessing unit acts as an eave for the balcony.

Uthong is a city that was overlooked despite having a community with a strong intention to manifest its historical value. They have continued to collect artifacts for almost a century through generations. The architecture we built has created a new historical perception without having to use the history essence that is long gone. instead we focus on the quality of loss and imperfect value, result in a monument and gateway quality of the project that is located on a main road, the entrance of the surrounding district into Uthong. Nowadays the project has become the center of the locals to come and spend their life activities in the hotel surrounding. Pusayapuri has attracted outsiders to learn its fascinating value from the redefinition of history through the architecture we have built.

Pusayapuri idea is unique and extra that at first, it’s hard to build in a city with a local scale economy. So we come up with a construction strategy that consumes less energy, so the owner could manage the budget till the project's completion. We use the least column span, a modular system that is easy to construct. We reduce the building area from 100% to 65% of the building, the rest becomes the hall area, open space, and the air tunnel that induce ventilation to every room. The tunnel diagonally stacked for six floors transfers sunlight from the most up to the lowest floor helping reduces the energy consumption from the city. So Energy could further support tourism instead. We use the GRC facade which helps reduce the brick-burning process which increases pm 2.5 in Thailand.

Pusayapuri is a renovation project with the intention to express the historical value of Uthong City which consider having one of the most ancient civilizations in Thailand but forgotten due to the imperfection of historical evidence even the local effort to configure a museum of collectible objects couldn’t attract the tourist but the community effort inspires us to use the existing historical evidence that already represents its historical value with imperfection. The remains of Uthong pagoda base are what attracts us. We decided to reconstruct its repetitive corner recess quality to multiply building utilities as a protruding and recessing facade. The recess module acts as a balcony eave whereas the protrude module acts as a bay window that increases interior space. GRC is a material for facade cladding instead of an actual brick. Brick is the material suitable in the past context. But the context changed with the arrival of modern technologies. We decide to reconstruct the history with GRC which produces more benefits in terms of durability and installation in the present day and still carries on the historical value. With the facade that derives from the imperfection of historical evidence. Pusayapuri which is located by the main road has become a gateway that people firstly perceive when approaching Uthong City. Making it the representative of a redefinition of Uthong history that attract the people

The client appreciated that the hotel could draw in many tourists from both outside and inside the city. This includes foreigners. Some of them were wondering about the hotel's outlook. In a way that is not designed in a modern language as the hotel in the surrounding area, which clients love to narrate the story with pride. And he is happy about the profit gained back from a huge number of event organizers that contact him to use the place for multiple events happening in Uthong city.


 Authong, Suphan Buri
 Voravich & Werawat Luangwedchakarn
 Hotel & Convention Center
 3138 mq
  2,050,000.00 €
 EKAR Architects
 Ekaphap Duangkaew
 Napat Suphan Limited Partnership
 Rungkit Charoenwat


EKAR believes that the architecture is originated from a perfect mixture of beautiful aesthetic senses and functional usability through thinking process, analysis and connections based on different conditions and contexts surrounded by every dimension of each specific location. Our physical identities remain in the shade of life. We see the preciousness of life. Our creativity is influenced by the contexts that shape and give life. We craft their lives and gently place the design on the specific context using detailed research. The designs are driven by not just their present but also their past and future. Documentaries of their lives were embraced with their ongoing vision. The designs keep operating and wander alongside their journey. We believe that as time passes, the value of design becomes more apparent.
We craft human lives and gently place the design on the specific context using detail research as documentary of their lives.



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