Pierattelli Architetture - Pieve Aldina, a unique immersion in the beauty of the Chianti area
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Pieve Aldina, a unique immersion in the beauty of the Chianti area

Pierattelli Architetture

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Pierattelli Architetture

The intervention of Santa Maria Novella in Chianti was conceived with the idea of bringing the ancient complex back to light, giving life to a Boutique Hotel with luxurious suites which will include the design of a high-level restaurant independent of the structure and open to the public.

The ancient complex overlooks the top of a hill, dominating the center of the Chianti area. We can also state that the origins of Radda date back to the 21st century BC, as evidenced by the archaeological remains of an ancient Etruscan village.

The landscape surrounding Radda is divided between vineyards and fields of olive trees, which reach their splendor in the months of September and October, where the colors are the protagonists in the Chianti countryside.

Radda in Chianti, located on the top of the hill which divides the valleys of Arbia and Pesa, has a spectacular typically medieval appearance, characterized by traditional farmhouses, and the Tuscan charm of the local stone facades.

The conversion project of the building complex into a boutique hotel preserves the old building, reducing the environmental impact and satisfying the sustainable tourist demand of the area.

The design of a high-level restaurant independent of the structure encourages the choice of local and organic products, contributing to the promotion of sustainable agriculture in the area.

The location of the complex among the vineyards, fields of olive trees and the proximity to the parish church of Santa Maria Novella enhances the rural and cultural landscape, encouraging responsible tourism and the discovery of the historical and artistic heritage of Chianti.

The project envisages the restoration and conservative rehabilitation of a historic complex, consisting of a villa, an "atelier" and a volume originally used as a barn. The project stands out for its exclusivity, highlighted by the 21 hotel rooms and the restaurant. The swimming pool, located on a terrace, is characterized by a privileged view of the bell tower of the Pieve di Santa Maria Novella, dating back to the Middle Ages, and will be expanded with a relaxation area immersed in the Sienese countryside. The property, located on approximately 43 hectares of land, therefore offers a unique combination of history, luxury and natural beauty.

The position of the ancient complex looking out from the top of a hill offers a unique immersion in the beauty of the surrounding landscape.


 Radda in Chianti
 Les Domaines de Fontenille
 Boutique Hotel
 2500 mq
  1,200,000.00 €
 Pierattelli Architetture
 Pierattelli Architetture


Architecture, interiors, design: the multidisciplinary approach of Pierattelli Architetture is reflected in tailor-made projects that combine functionality, aesthetics, flexibility and innovation.
Founded in Florence in the 1980s by architect Massimo Pierattelli, today the studio has a team of about 20 professionals, including his sons Andrea and Claudio.
The studio's activity, initially focused on the design of corporate headquarters and bank offices, has expanded over the years to include the hospitality, residential and product design sectors.
Extreme design flexibility ensures the possibility of customizing each individual environment: each architecture is conceived as a sartorial gesture, modeled not only around the client, but also around the context in which it is located. Reinterpreting the past and imagining the future therefore become the main foundation of the work and projects of Pierattelli Architetture.


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