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Life Tree, a boutique resort that creates a holistic environment and a mind-body-soul connection

DNA Barcelona Architects

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DNA Barcelona Architects

The world’s first Eco-Resort the “Tree Life” in Tulum, Mexico which was born from the client’s desire to generate a new experience. From a conceptual point of view, in DNA we always aim towards the fusion between art and technology and in this case, we sought the fusion between nature and architecture, which generates the word, as we call it in DNA, “Archi-Nature”. In this way, we take inspiration from the bird's nests, and from them our design process in DNA begins. This project was more about embracing nature and the jungle in Tulum, therefore an iconic project was generated from the desire to create a tree of life, with a centre from which everything revolves around, and where ten nests structures appear.

Our concept has always been to make a positive impact on nature, and this project has been the result of years of research and sustainable design. The project is fully conceived around sustainable and ecological technologies to ensure its positive impacts in the tropical jungles of Tulum. The tree of life is surrounded by water which allows to create a microclimate within the resort area. This microclimate helps reduce energy consumption, creating renewable energy with the implementation and integration of new construction and design systems. The aim of this complex projects is to create a local conscience that luxury and sustainability work together, especially with the new trend in tourism worldwide.

Tree life is a new concept designed to be ecologically friendly with the environment and create an experience with connectivity with nature inspired by its principles such as the growth of the tree of life. Considering the local materials and culture, we have designed a new concept of Eco-Resort and the hotel rooms are designed in height that look like a nest of birds to enjoy the tranquillity in the middle of the jungle. By providing a luxury accommodation experience, we have integrated a natural pool, which allows you to have this feeling of being in the middle of nature, but from an eco-sustainable point of view, helps to generate freshness distributed throughout the resort area.

We highlight practices such as the exclusive use of local materials, such as behuco, tzalam wood, local stones, white cement, bamboo, resins, among others. We develop roofs that generate microclimates and promote the recovery and treatment of water, solar panels, and photovoltaic panels, to generate the least possible impact. And dry-build systems, which means that there are no wet binders, and the execution time is shorter and less aggressive for the environment. The Hotel Boutique rooms will be raised 12 meters above the ground to create a safe living area. Our architects have designed a terrace in the centre of the main tree that allows you to be inspired by the fabulous views of the jungle, discovering the relationship between life and the earth by observing the landscape that surrounds the resort. The structure consists of a centre that is the main tree that allows access to the nests. The exterior structure is created with local wood materials and the metal structure specially designed to support the nest and access through stairs to the 2 rooms that each make up 10 nests. The client will be able to enjoy a complete hotel of 60 square meters with a full bathroom that faces the tree of life, and the bedroom with views of the jungle. The rooms have a Jacuzzi on the spacious terraces of the rooms that are extended thanks to a net where the client can lie down and enjoy relaxing floating above the treetops.

The Hotel Boutique Resort has been ideally designed to create a holistic environment, a mind-body-soul connection. It can be used for couples, small families, or large groups. Guests can enjoy healthy programs specially designed for health and wellness. In each pavilion located in the boutique hotel area, there will be a wellness centre, a restaurant with a bio-organic menu, yoga centre activities, with guru staff from the area in rituals of connection with the tree of life.


 Hotel Boutique
 11221 mq
  6,000,000.00 $
 Aryanour Djalali
 Rodolfo Zedillo and Zepto


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