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Green Solution House 2.0, a retreat overlooking the adjacent woodland


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3XN GXN worked with Bornholm Hotels to deliver Green Solution House in 2015. In line with the client's ethos the project explored circular sustainability. Green Solution House 2.0 is an extension of this project and builds on the lessons learned along the way. Developed in very close collaboration between 3XN and GXN the hotel’s design is rooted in rigorous sustainability principles in materials, construction, and performance. Timber is the primary construction material and provides the hotel’s structure, cladding, and insulation. Envisioned as a showcase for sustainable construction, the design exposes and celebrates the carefully chosen materials throughout the building, and this is immediately evident on arrival from the warm natural aesthetic of the timber cladding.

A green roof and timber finishes help the building blend into its natural setting. A rooftop terrace provides guests with a retreat overlooking the adjacent woodland. Here, timber finishes are complemented by tiles of upcycled glass providing a palette of materials reflective of the building’s focus on sustainability. Internally, generous skylights and carefully orientated glazing bring ample daylight into the interiors, reduce the need for artificial lighting and provide a strong connection to the surroundings. All rooms have a generous balcony and fully glazed external wall connecting interior spaces to the hotel’s natural surroundings.

Raw offcuts from a local granite quarry help regulate internal temperatures and provide a unique link to the building’s location.

The main elements of the building, including the walls and slabs, are composed of prefab cross-laminated timber panels manufactured in a factory and assembled on site. This method minimised construction time, waste, and costs and ensured a high degree of accuracy. It also allowed the designers to predict the dimensions and quantity of material offcuts, which would otherwise go to waste, and use them to create bespoke furniture items for the hotel. Natural lighting, passive ventilation, solar cells and onsite water recycling reduce the hotel’s reliance of grid-supplied resources. The building achieved the Danish Voluntary Sustainability target of 8kg C02 per m2 per year throughout the life of the building. GSH2 won the prestigious 2022 Danish Building of the Year Award.

The building is designed with sustainability as the key driver and communicates this through honest expression of materials throughout the building, celebrating their unique properties. In this way, GSH2.0 stands as a showcase for material innovation, demonstrating that alternative circular solutions can provide an aesthetic quality and performance comparable to virgin material while offering the added benefit of a much lower carbon footprint. With an ever-increasing focus on sustainability in architecture, it is essential that buildings can meet rigorous carbon reduction targets while retaining a focus on high-quality design and user needs. Through its intelligent, low-cost design solutions GSH2.0 sets a new standard for sustainable timber construction and provides a model for future developments to build upon.

At Hotel GSH you don't have to think about whether you are burdening the nature and climate by staying at a hotel We have taken the sustainable choices for you. You can simply enjoy your stay with a clear conscience, whether you are a meeting- or leisure guest.


 Green Solutions House
 1035 mq
 ABC Rådgivende Ingeniører - Structural Engineer
 CLT - CLT Danmark A/S, KLH Massivholz GmbH; Glulam - Flexwood A/S; Cladding - Bergsten Timber A/S, Lunawood ThermoWood
 Adam Mørk


Across diverse typologies and scales, 3XN's work is driven by the conviction that architecture should give something back--to people, to communities, and to our planet. Since 1986, we have specialized in transformational projects: projects that give obsolete structures new form and character, that transform dormant neighbourhoods into thriving cultural hubs, or that unite disparate organizations into collaborative communities. A commitment to the highest standards of sustainability and design excellence unites the studio’s portfolio. Form and performance are not at odds, but rather continuously enhance and shape one another.

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