Pierattelli Architetture - Casale "I Cipressi", an estate in Tuscany inspired by the surrounding landscape
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Casale "I Cipressi", an estate in Tuscany inspired by the surrounding landscape

Pierattelli Architetture

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Pierattelli Architetture

The design approach adopted in this redevelopment intervention highlights the importance of a harmonious and eco-sustainable design, capable of enhancing the territory and improving the quality of life for people who will visit it.

The concept and design idea of this architectural project are focused on the revitalization of the Cecina area through the creation of a nucleus characterized by a strong architectural and material cohesion, while also being able to diversify.

The design of the complex is inspired by the surrounding nature, with large windows that offer a view of the sea and the use of natural materials such as wood. The objective is to create a stay experience in harmony with the environment, while providing comfort and luxury. The connection with the landscape, nature, and tradition are fundamental aspects for this project, aiming to create a harmonious and sustainable environment. The Tuscan territory offers a unique scenario in the world, characterized by hills, vineyards, olive groves, forests, and beaches that represent an invaluable heritage to protect and promote.

The project has been designed to ensure a superior quality of living spaces compared to that of a traditional building, thanks to the use of natural materials, the presence of renewable energy systems, and the design of the interior spaces.

The building will be equipped with renewable energy systems, such as solar panels, photovoltaics, a rainwater harvesting system for garden and guest parking irrigation. Additionally, there will be natural ventilation and advanced thermal insulation systems to ensure greater comfort and reduced energy consumption.

The project is represented by the following key points:

Ecological sustainability: The new complex will be fully environmentally friendly, which means that during its lifecycle, it will have a very low environmental impact.

Context coherence: The project is inspired by organic nautical forms, which reflect the geographical and cultural context of the area.

Design elements: The entrance of the area will be enriched with a greenhouse for floriculture products and there will be a pool with natural stone pathways and a wooden pier, which add a touch of design and contribute to creating a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere.

Diversification: Despite the architectural and material uniformity, the project includes diversification of spaces and functions in order to meet the needs of a varied public.

Area requalification: The project aims to requalify the Cecina area, an area in need of urban renewal interventions.

The importance of this intervention could represent a good opportunity to revitalize an area with tourist and productive potential.


 Azienda Agricola I Cipressi
 Holiday farm
 750 mq
  2,500,000.00 €
 Pierattelli Architetture
 Pierattelli Architetture


Architecture, interiors, design: the multidisciplinary approach of Pierattelli Architetture is reflected in tailor-made projects that combine functionality, aesthetics, flexibility and innovation.
Founded in Florence in the 1980s by architect Massimo Pierattelli, today the studio has a team of about 20 professionals, including his sons Andrea and Claudio.
The studio's activity, initially focused on the design of corporate headquarters and bank offices, has expanded over the years to include the hospitality, residential and product design sectors.
Extreme design flexibility ensures the possibility of customizing each individual environment: each architecture is conceived as a sartorial gesture, modeled not only around the client, but also around the context in which it is located. Reinterpreting the past and imagining the future therefore become the main foundation of the work and projects of Pierattelli Architetture.


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