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Ca' Ariston, a monolithic building designed by playing with volumes


Hospitality  /  Completed

Considering the context of the project and the limited dimensions of the plot, since the beginning Archest tried to respond to the request combining harmoniously voids and solids. The scope of the project is playing with volumes avoiding transparency, therefore the railings of the terraces don’t allow to see through. The series and the variation of the volumes of the terraces allow to obtain different fronts on the four sides using continuity of the material which is expressed by the railing made of laser perforated sheet metal.

The building is located in the city center of Grado and it is composed by a basement, dedicated to garage, eight floors and solarium on the roof. The Aparthotel is located on the ground floor, first, and second floor, while the residential part is developed on the upper floors. Considering the the lack of homogeneity of the context, the architectural concept aimed having a monolithic building, monochrome and characterized by few elements.

In order to reduce the time construction and to limitate the presence of the concrete mixers during the construction period, the building has dry-mortarless construction and the main structure is made of steel.

On the roof level, which hosts the solarium for the hotel and two private areas for the penthouses, there's a pergola which supports photovoltaic panels that serve all the units of the hotel.

The project is perfectly insert in the context and thanks to the volumes of the terraces is becoming iconic in the town of Grado. Functionally, the ground floor hosts the common spaces of the hospitality part of the building and two mini apartments, while on the upper floors are located 12 units more. There are a total of 25 lodgings distributed in the remaining 5 levels with a reduction in the number of units and an increase in the quality of layouts in the last two levels, given the possibility of being able to enjoy a beautiful view towards the sea. The two penthouses on the eighth level each have a portion of the solarium connected to the floor below by a spiral staircase; the remaining solarium space is available for the accommodation business.

The wide terraces improve the life quality of the users of the building and allow them to breath completely the seaside atmosphere. The choice having opaque railings allows to enjoy the privacy along all day. The white colour and the "wave" pattern of the micro-perforated railing symbolize the connection with the sea and the beach.


 Grado (GO)
 Fenice S.r.l
 4280 mq
  5,500,000.00 €
 Archest S.r.l.
 arch. Annamaria Coccolo, arch. Gaetano De Napoli, arch. Fabio Mazzero
 Setten Genesio s.r.l
 Verifiche acustiche, Progetto Impianti e prevenzione incendi: Studio 3P
 Archest S.r.l., Marco Baccaro


Archest is an architecture and engineering company established in 2006 through the union of two design studios. Composed by over 50 architects, engineers and technicians with considerable experience in the integrated design and management of public works, even of considerable complexity, in Italy and abroad. The headquarters are in the province of Udine. However, Archest comprises offices in Milan, Rome, Dubai and Moscow.
After the concept phase, the architectural design is developed in an integrated manner, and with the coordination of architects, by the in-house engineering office, which channels the project on the tracks of sustainability, industrialisation and digitalisation through an integrated BIM modelling process, thus the entire design and execution phase can be kept under control while remaining consistent with the initial project idea.

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