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Radboudumc Main Building, sustainable, innovative and affordable healthcare

EGM architects

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EGM architects

Most sustainable hospital
The Radboudumc mission is to be a leader in shaping sustainable, innovative and affordable healthcare. The concept departed from the ambition to make the most sustainable hospital that supports a new way of working and collaborating. The Main building supports that aim perfectly.
Instead of traditional departments, there are eleven centres that enable professionals, patients and students to interact more easily. Meeting for a chat, sharing expertise and inspiring one another can occur in the open restaurant, pantries, and in spaces for consultation, workshops and study in the staff departments.
Sustainability ambitions, a.o. BREEAM Excellent, are realized by incorporating biophilic design principles, state-of-the-art installations and innovative (care)technologies.

More green for all
The new campus is one large healing environment that brings together patients, visitors, staff, students and the neighbourhood. Because of the realization of the Main building, app. 20 buildings make way for more greenery and a healthier working and recovery environment. The green campus is a public space. It also benefits students of the adjacent university and local residents to stroll freely through the park, enjoying small events and picnics.
The new Main building is smaller in size (minus 100,000sqm) than the original, offering less 'general', more highly specialised care. The shift strengthens its cooperation with regional hospitals and local healthcare providers creating a highly flexible well-functioning healthcare network in and around Nijmegen.

Energy neutral
To achieve Radboudumc's ambition to be energy-neutral by 2030, the new hospital already has a thermal-storage-installation, allowing it to sustainably cool itself and other buildings in summer, and heat them in winter. Of all demolition materials from buildings to make room for the Main building, 96% will be reused.

The hospital boasts a material-saving structure, slender floors, numerous prefabricated components, 910m2 solar-panels, water-saving toilets/taps and triple glass windows. Real greenery is present throughout the building with two 7-metre-high Bucida Buceras trees in the central atrium and 4 integrated outside gardens (patient accessible). The hospital uses no fossil fuels and is the first BREAAM Excellent Dutch University Medical Centre.

Architecture supporting health
The Main building is based on Bossche School-style: humanism, human scale, connection with nature & character-of-the-place (couleur locale). The building has ideal proportions according to the golden section. Together with a clear spatial-functional structure & routes, careful materials and details, it contributes to the health & well-being of all users. Daylight, views of greenery and vistas make every space pleasant. Staying and working in natural light supports biorhythms and is crucial for physical and mental recovery. The omega building shape and low parapets offer patients unobstructed views, 3 glass atriums provide daylight right into the heart of the building. The design facilitates a new organisation: easier, more efficient and pleasant cooperation for care / education / research. For patients, it is pleasant and clear where they are received, registered, prepared and via which rising point they go directly to their destination. In the nursing wards, through clever placement and design of the decentralised care support points, each building wing can be assigned to a different speciality or used separately in case of infection. Staff areas are designed to be activity-oriented; with spaces for meeting, collaborating and concentrated work. The individuality on each floor, building wing and of prominent social ‘hubs', support the identity experience and wayfinding.

The new building is the most sustainable hospital in Western Europe. (Bertine Lahuis, CEO Radboudumc) | The close cooperation Radboudumc - EGM transcends generations since 1992. EGM has made Radboudumc's mission its own, thought about risks & opportunities across individual works and thus implemented jointly developed innovations. The new Main building is the crowning glory of this. For both. (Renee Bleeker, Director Project office Building)


 Paesi Bassi
 46300 mq
 EGM architects & EGM interiors: D. van den Berg, W. Hammer, L. Grootveld, F. Morel, M. Veryser, M. in ’t Veld, G. Kühne, J. Quist, M. van Niekerk, H. Akdogan, K. Chaichana, N. van Asselt, P. Tak, L. Visser, C. Euser, J. de Bruijn, E. Pijnacker, Y. Vlasova
 Suzanne Holtz Studio, Interior & Design Team Radboudumc, I. Hobo
 FourCare (alliance of Van Wijnen, Trebbe, Unica and Engie)
 Ptg-advies | Copijn | Aronsohn | Deerns | Peutz | DGMR
 Scagliola + Brakkee


EGM architects is one of the most innovative and knowledge-intensive architectural firms in the Netherlands. For almost 50 years, we have been pioneers with our sustainable and proactive approach to architecture. The result is a wide range of distinctive spaces and places for health care, government, education, research, community and business across the world.
We combine beauty with functionality. A building should be attractive, but mainly, it should do what it was meant to do: support processes and make people feel comfortable. We design for the people using the building. Moreover, a building doesn’t standalone – it’s always an integral part of society.

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