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Victoria, the contemporary flexibility of a multifunctional space

Ardian Real Estate

ESG - Environmental Social Governance  /  Completed
Ardian Real Estate

Victoria, located in Via Melzi D’Eril 34, in Milan's most sought-after and lively neighbourhoods, was acquired in 2018 by Ardian. The rhythm of Victoria structure, internal and external, is shaped by the full-bottom portions - covered with a burnished brass coloured carter - and by the transparent and bright glass ones. The offices on the fifth floor are an elegant and bright glass box, dominated only by a breathtaking rooftop, that can be set up as a green area, offering an exclusive 360° view over the entire skyline of the city, in particular Porta Nuova and CityLife. The key feature of the shed building is the contemporary and elegant flexibility of a multi-purpose space, a shape that changes becoming a showroom, an office space, hosting events and much more.

Victoria is located between the new business districts of CityLife and Porta Nuova. Here the elegance of the buildings meets and merges with a smart and people-friendly concept of the city, with cycling paths and restaurants, shopping and movida, shaping one of the most interesting and vibrant locations of Milan.. It is a unique location, few steps away from Parco Sempione, the largest and most famous park of the city, a green space that allows a lunch break dedicated to fitness and relax in the nature. As soon as the evening comes, the neighbourhood offers a great choice of entertainment, from the happy hour in the many venues bounding the Arco della Pace, to the gourmet dining, and the unmissable events at the Arena, the first stadium of the city, surrounded by the green of the park.

In a context where the organization of work is flexible and constantly changing, Victoria has embraced a space planning philosophy shaped on the tenants’ needs. The strategies envisaged for the creation of a Smart Building (with one multi-sensor each 8 sqm) will allow an avant-garde experience for the tenants: a user-friendly approach through automation and innovative managing systems, sensors that guarantee environmental comfort and energy efficiency, with lower consumptions and advanced features that manage the automation in a context of smart network, tailored for the expansion and connection with the surrounding context in a Smart City perspective. A building wisely designed in the present but conceived for the future.

Victoria draws a magnificent space with exclusive features: a highly attractive project for corporates headquarters with two souls and a unique internal courtyard, which develops over two levels. The first soul overlooks via Melzi d’Eril and via Londonio, with six floors defined by a contemporary style that privileges brightness and technology at the service of comfort, reinterpreting the geometric design of the façade, typical of the neighborhood.


 Ardian Real Estate
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