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Sibao Qibao Unit Primary School, drawing inspiration from the game of Snake


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The overall design concept draws inspiration from the game of Snake, catering to the interests of students in a playful manner. The core idea is to create a social circle for primary school students through a dynamic loop. All public and shared spaces are focused on this dynamic loop, effectively addressing the separation of active and quiet areas.

The project connects four main thematic sections: the Art Ecological Zone, the Sports Technology Zone, the Daily Teaching Zone, and the Preschool Living Zone.

This design effectively connects the three major behaviors of modern primary school students: technological experimentation, physical fitness through sports, and social interactions within the campus.

Taking inspiration from the Qiantang River, the architectural design of the building showcases a modular and sleek structure that mirrors the gentle waves of the river. This design not only adds visual appeal but also pays tribute to the natural beauty of the local surroundings. The seamless integration of the building with the park landscape on the southeast side creates a harmonious link between the school and its environment.

Moreover, the open layout on the southeast and northwest sides establishes a strong connection with the urban interface, enabling shared spaces for activities such as sports, technology, and reading zones. This integration promotes community involvement and reinforces the school's role as a central hub for educational and recreational pursuits.

One of the key features of the project is the integration of a variety of open spaces, including a sky farm, ramps, large terraces, rooftop gardens, and climbing walls. These interconnected social spaces not only promote social interaction and engagement among students but also serve as green areas that enhance the overall sustainability of the school.

To achieve sustainability goals, we utilize renewable energy sources such as solar panels to generate electricity. Additionally, the school incorporates natural ventilation systems and energy-efficient lighting fixtures to reduce energy consumption and ensure a comfortable indoor environment for students. The green roof system also helps with insulation, reduces stormwater runoff, and adds biodiversity to the school environment.

This project revolves around creating a three-dimensional social and activity circle within the school campus. The campus design includes a north-south layout for the playground, dividing the campus into four teaching modules. The buildings are strategically arranged to minimize their impact and enhance the street interface.

The project redefines the 10-minute break activities, the 20-minute recess, and the 40-minute physical education classes, providing designated spaces for each. It emphasizes sports and includes "informal sports boxes" with climbing cabins, ball pits, and basketball facilities. The campus features an 850-meter cross-country track for students to enjoy outdoor activities.

Technology spaces are set up on the rooftop for programming and competitions. The project also incorporates a large-scale aerial obstacle track system for model aircraft, providing students with programming opportunities. Outdoor classrooms, corridors, and rooftop gardens are designed for extracurricular learning.

Overall, the project promotes a blend of technology, ecology, and social interaction within the school community.

We are impressed with the design's innovative approach, both in terms of architectural elements and its impact on primary school education. The design effectively creates a learning environment that encourages creativity and innovation. The team's understanding of our needs is evident in the design, which will greatly benefit our students' educational experience. We look forward to the positive impact this project will have on their academic development.


 78360 mq
 Sa Feng, Song Chihao
 Cao Meizhen, Gao Yanfei, Chen Dong, Zhu Jiawei, Lin Weijie, Ying Donghai, Wang Licai, Xu Ming, Shen Fengqiang, Wang Chunpin, Lv Cunzhen, Weng Chaobing, Zhou Ji


BA was founded in 2014 and has always upheld the value proposition of "originating from architecture, extending beyond architecture." BA is a comprehensive design studio that integrates planning, architectural design and consulting services. Their projects encompass residential, hotel, education, office, and other sectors. They provide professional services based on the design principles of "innovation," "boundless," "exquisite," and "balance."

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