Settanta7 - School complex Ugo Foscolo, a technological and cultural hub imbued with creativity like a blank sheet of paper
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School complex Ugo Foscolo, a technological and cultural hub imbued with creativity like a blank sheet of paper


Education  /  Completed

The building as a whole intends to recreate a dialogue with the place and stand as a landmark, yet without proposing artificial relationships of caesura or juxtaposition. In fact, its volume communicates with the town square in a close visual relationship that makes it a landmark for the community. Adding strength to this play of parts are the two towers, the octagonal one in the town square and the elevated volume of the new school complex. The latter, placed at the head of the lot and facing a traffic circle, is in effect a landmark, a reference point for the entire community.

The new school complex in Arcugnano turns out to be a landmark, but also a privileged vantage point. In fact, Torri di Arcugnano is located in the foothills of the Berici Mountains, in a landscape of great value, and not far from the city of Vicenza. Because of its location, we designed the volume of the building so that it develops upward, allowing everyone, through the slippage of the different levels and the creation of terraces, to enjoy multiple views of the landscape and fully appreciate the beauty of the Vicenza area. The presence of many glass parts, in addition to ensuring indoor comfort, also puts the teaching space in visual communication with the outdoors.

We created a LEED-oriented building with reduced energy consumption, and high indoor thermohygrometric comfort through the use of advanced plant technologies. Adopted systems to control and reduce operating and maintenance costs throughout the building's life cycle, aimed at meeting the Minimum Environmental Criteria and sustainability principles on which major certification systems, such as LEED, are based. The mixed X-LAM/steel structure gives significant advantages in terms of maintenance and operating costs: the high level of engineering of X-LAM technology allows for very long-term durability similar to that of reinforced concrete or steel structures, as well as low environmental impact.

X-LAM structure: High energy efficiency of X-LAM wall, with R60 fire resistance. Sound abatement of exterior envelope and interior partitions Rapid assembly and a clean construction site, antisimic structure with easy disassembly of components. Wood sourced from FSC controlled logging forests and treated with zero-VOC formaldehyde-free glues. Tecu Gold KME + Laminam envelope: The composition of the volumetric elements in elevation finds its valuable completion with cladding in TECU® Gold, a copper and aluminum alloy with a golden-brown color. The special "tailor-made" folding of the panels collects and reflects natural light on its faceted surface, creating an image that is always unique and fascinating

As a place of growth and education, the new school opens up to the citizenry and becomes a true technological and cultural hub imbued with creativity-a blank sheet of paper on which internationally renowned artists such as Bart Smeets, Jason Naylor and Dasic Fernandez were already involved during construction to create monumental murales.


 Comune di Arcugnano VI
 Primary and secondary school
 2834 mq
  6,600,000.00 €
 PFTE, PD = Settanta7 Studio Associato (Capogruppo, Progettazione Architettonica, Coordinamento ed integrazione delle risorse specialistiche), Ing. Loris Borean (Prog. Strutturale), Batiserf Engineering, IPT s.r.l., Pastoret Engineering, Geol. Francesco Morbin, Arch. Lorenzo Albai (Giovane Professionista) PE = Settanta7 Studio Associato (Capogruppo, Prog. Architettonica, CSP, Coordinamento ed integrazione delle risorse specialistiche), Ing. Loris Borean (Prog. Strutturale), Sistema Group Engineering SRL (Progettazione impiantistica ed antincendio) DL = Settanta7
 Claddings: Tecu Gold KME + Laminam Legno: Edilwood srl
 Piermario Ruggeri


We design buildings. We do it quickly and with extreme care by requiring that they become indispensable and welcoming to those who will live in them. We take up the challenges of clients, suppliers and businesses to realize a path of poetry, technological research and natural materials. In the constant search for a breach of awe and beauty.
The firm's entire workflow is BIM from the metaproject concept, through the construction site to the 7D dimension of facility management.
We approach each project with the goal of minimizing its economic and environmental impact while promoting the well-being of the occupants. Natural materials, efficient facilities, and renewable energy are our strategies. We are a LEED oriented team!
The need to lower the carbon footprint from our projects has led us to favor wood structures (X-Lam and/or frame) for which we are nationally recognized as an industry leader.


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