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Primary school Rita Levi Montalcini, embracing education


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A contemporary school must be able to embody the values of a century and, at the same time, be able to transmit an implicit pedagogy through the quality and conformation of its spaces: architecture itself, after all, has the power to shape man; the new generations in this case. This is how the project for the new Rita Levi Montalcini elementary school in Porto Potenza Picena signed by studio Settanta7 was born, whose fundamental value can be identified in the enhancement of common areas, both external and internal.

Its C-shaped plan, almost as if it were a protective embrace, encloses at its center a garden to be experienced as much during intervals as during class hours, until it becomes a true open-air laboratory. A place that is certainly recreational, then, but also and above all to be discovered in its didactic-educational potential for the growth and training of boys and girls in direct contact with the external context and the surrounding urban context.

The materials used play a decisive role, mainly eco-friendly and natural, such as celenit, linoleum, x-lam and glulam. The construction technology used for the wooden structure, mixed frame and x-lam, made it possible to create a compact and lightweight large structure with excellent mechanical, thermal and acoustic insulation properties, as well as a high degree of well-being. Equally significant is the exterior envelope made of zinc-titanium zintek®, a traditional material with peculiar contemporary readings: the facade is transformed into an expressive as well as functional work. Chosen in the shade Mediterranean blue, this material is 100 percent recyclable.

Natural light is another of the key elements that led the firm's pencil in the design phase: the layout of the classrooms, whose capacity is about 25 pupils each for 24 classes, in fact follows the best incidence of sunlight. In addition to the classrooms, then, a library, a cafeteria, a gymnasium also open to the enjoyment of the outside community just like the auditorium. The latter and the classrooms are lined with sound-absorbing panels so as to ensure better acoustic comfort for different activities. A quest, this one, that is part of that of a comfortable, healthy and energy-efficient school building in adherence to the principles of bioclimatic architecture.

A school that becomes a symbol of important educational opportunity for the youth of Potenza Picena and also a place of reference for the entire community.


 Comune di Porto Potenza Picena
 Primary school
 5034 mq
  7,000,000.00 €
 Subissati srl; Cecconi srl
 Celenit, Gerini, MARAZZI, Tarkett, Zintek
 Francesca Iovene


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