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Tarang, a dynamic gallery for art and culture

tHE gRID Architects

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tHE gRID Architects

Tarang's design concept emerged from the desire to create a structure distinct from the urban context, where box-like structures dominated the surroundings. The vision was to craft a cornerless edifice, harmonic waves that defied conventional architectural norms. Tarang aimed to break away from the monotony of its environment & stood as a symbol of architectural innovation. The structure engulfs the space, the undulations become the walls, the walls become the enclosure. The designers' motivation for the project is aesthetic, ethical, and divine. They sought to create a structure that not only looks beautiful but also reflects their values and beliefs. Tarang was conceptualized as a dynamic gallery space, interaction for art and culture, meticulously designed to adapt and evolve seamlessly.

Tarang's design responds to the South West context incorporating a remarkable construction technique. It addresses sustainability challenges, creating an environmentally friendly and culturally rich built environment. Without software or digital tools, Tarang celebrates the artistry of workers. The undulating form engulfs the space, blurring boundaries between walls and enclosure. The edifice's essence lies in the voids and exposed bricks, evoking a sense of oneness. Drawing inspiration from nature's organic shapes, the space offers freedom and liberation. It merges us with nature as if the built form didn’t exist but was born from the core of the earth itself. Tarang's design: people-centric, eco-friendly, inclusive, sustainable, community-engaging—a valuable asset benefiting society.

Tarang's design highlights use of local terracotta bricks supporting local artisans & sustainable materials benefiting the local economy & cultural heritage. This reduces transportation emissions & preserves traditional craftsmanship. By employing traditional construction techniques without digital tools, the design eliminates steel & conventional concrete. This minimizes the building's embodied carbon footprint & reliance on resource-intensive materials. The structure relies on the strength & ingenuity of interlocking terracotta bricks and fast-setting mortar to create a robust sustainable arch system. This approach aligns with circular economy principles maximizing re-use, recycling. Disassembling & repurposing the bricks at the end of building's lifecycle reduces environmental impact

The design process was driven by intuition & a deep desire to understand what the space & nature needed to truly elevate & dignify the structure. This is an ancestral construction technique used to support the ceiling above. This technique permits construction without beams, used to provisionally sustain the weight of an arch reducing construction time. Its rising arched interiors are pleasantly intimate & familiar, thanks to its form rooted in a biophilic design approach. Emphasizing local materials, artisans & labour strengthens the building's connection to the community, fostering ownership & pride to the city. The involvement of artisans ensures authentic and high-quality terracotta tiles, benefiting the local economy and cultural heritage. Skilled craftspeople with in-depth knowledge of traditional techniques bring expertise to the construction process, infusing the structure with artistry & local identity. "TARANG" fosters a timeless environment, promoting an ongoing conversation between generations. Its design evokes a sense of continuity & connection that transcends the present moment, encouraging dialogue that spans across time. Tarang's design showcases the beauty of Terracotta bricks and craftsmanship demonstrating a commitment to sustainable construction. Minimizing waste, reducing concrete use, and prioritizing local resources and labour, it serves as a model for environmentally conscious architecture that celebrates local culture & contributes to the community.

By integrating local context and traditional methods, Tarang showcases sustainable design, honouring cultural heritage. Tarang, an iconic landmark and dynamic gallery, fosters community engagement, serving as a hub for art and culture, while reducing carbon footprints. Its innovative construction technique—a thin membrane vault of terracotta brick tiles without reinforcement—reflects the South West location. Tarang celebrates craftsmanship, relying on skill over digital tools


 Mr Kaushal, Mr. Vipul, Mr. Sunil.
 a versatile space - Pavilion, Art Gallery, exhibition platform, community engagement and interaction for art and culture.
 278 mq
 tHE gRID Architects
 Snehal Suthar & Bhadri Suthar
 soo hath
 Sankalan Hunnarshala
 Vinay Panjwani/ PHX India


tHE gRID Architects views designing as more than just a profession, embracing inclusivity and collaboration. Their buildings prioritize the well-being of individuals on psychological, biological, and sociological levels, with biophilic design at the core. Practicing heartfulness, they infuse their designs with elevated consciousness. As visiting faculty at prestigious institutes like NID, NIFT, and architecture schools, they actively engage in global panel talks, juries, and presentations. Their work is featured in renowned platforms such as Archdaily, Plan Mag, Design Boom, Dezeen, Forbes, AD, and showcased in national/international publications. Recognized as HOT 100 architects of India, they have earned 50+ prestigious awards and have been featured thrice on BETTER INDIA for their green and sustainable initiatives, promoting accessible sustainability. Their vision embodies designing with inner consciousness and heartfelt thoughts, ensuring honest and meaningful designs for society


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