Laboratorio Architettura Semerano - "Spazio Per Tempo" Cultural Center, the presence of the absence
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"Spazio Per Tempo" Cultural Center, the presence of the absence

Laboratorio Architettura Semerano

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Laboratorio Architettura Semerano

The gentle slope of the hill, the majestic forest on top. A single decisive sign emerges from the Ombra Solida natural landscape, the work of the artist Marco Bagnoli. Discovering instead of exhibiting the built space is the magic of the Hypogeum, the presence of the absence. As in the romantic garden, only a few built signs emerge, almost like traces that leave room for the imagination, the fantasy, to build disappeared architectures.

The landscape is the very subject of the underground project, an "unbuilt" that shapes voids, unexpected spaces and unusual perspectives. Traveling through spaces so integrated with the surrounding landscape is a sensory experience of profound relationship with nature that is always present in every part of the intervention. The mission of the ‘SpaceToTime’ cultural association is to promote art as an engine for human development in a harmonious relationship with the environment, nature, culture and the territory, through the organization of training and in-depth meetings on issues such as restoration, communication, archiving of contemporary art, the relationship between art and the environment, the relationship between art and science and the relationship between art and spirituality.

It is a large excavation, for which a place was identified that could reuse the material and was relatively close to limit the use of means of transport. Furthermore, the delimitation of the excavation with reinforced concrete works makes it possible to build the building with wooden structures and infill walls, therefore an eco-sustainable material and ease of assembly and possible recovery and recycling.

An unusual landscape, while the main paths are dug into the hill, the inclined plane that covers the building becomes a shady and fragrant garden, a path allows you to reach a large upper terrace which is revealed by crossing the small opening in the surrounding wall. The artist's work and the fence seem to be the traces of an abandoned building, an unfinished that leaves room for the imagination, which invites to be lived. It is the fascination of that thin line between nature and the built where the built willingly surrenders to be reabsorbed by nature, to become a trace, because if it is good architecture, a trace is enough. After immersing ourselves in this new interior landscape, the space that is the underground heart of this space reveals itself unexpectedly, as soon as we enter it we discover that it opens up again towards the landscape, but perceived from an unusual point of view. Inside and outside form a single scenic space at the point of greatest depth of the excavation, the mobile stage allows different set-up configurations that can be perceived from the hall as from the steps that climb the hill, the majestic forest in the background is clearly visible at every point.

The Atelier Bagnoli, which this new intervention is connected to, was already a work that had a profound dialogue with the landscape, its external skin of burnt reeds and earth was prepared for nature to reappropriate the built environment. In the new design experience, the symbolic aspect is even more decisive because the building is completely hidden from view.


 Montelupo Fiorentino (FI)
 "Spazio Per Tempo" Cultural Center
 Multipurpose hall
 450 mq
  1,800,000.00 €
 Toti Semerano
 Ludovica Fava, Stefano Sabato, Riccardo Catamo, Salvatore Musarò
 Images Courtesy Of Laboratorio di Architettura Semerano


Recent awards. Winner of 2021 The Plan Landscape with the project Renovation of Punta Meliso, Santa Maria di Leuca, Winner of the Pida 2020 Prize in the Stella Maris Hotel Project category, winner in the "The Plan Award 2020" category Future public space, Otranto rocky ridge project, 2019 EU Finalist Mies Van der Rohe Prize Atelier Bagnoli project, 2019 The Plan Award winner in the Future category Office and Business, winner 2018 The Plan Award category Future Housing Project Residenza Sansovino, winner 2018 The Plan Award category Future Mixed-use project Residence Office Center The Plan Award 2017 Honorable Mention - "Culture" category, The Plan Award 2015 - category "Special Projects", Ask 2012 - Lifetime Achievement Award, Merit Award - Competition "Taiwan Towers Conceptual Design Competition" 2010, International Architecture Biennial Barbara Cappochin 2009 Award for the Care of Architectural Detail Elements.


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