GEEDESIGN - Return to the origin of architecture: Xi'an TOMORROW NOW Art Exhibition Hall
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Return to the origin of architecture: Xi'an TOMORROW NOW Art Exhibition Hall


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Return to the origin of architecture It is a joyous start, and unusual proposition like this gives design a high degree of freedom, the exploitable space of the building also transcends the traditional functional constraints. We hope to create a high-level aesthetic, interesting "spiritual architecture" to stimulate the cultural atmosphere and vitality of the place. We focus on the experiential aspect of the design, and the interactive relationship between space and composition is returned. Architecture brings more blank space to people, and if it can stimulate imagination and emotional tension. Returning to the origin of architecture and eliminating the space limitation of "formal language" is the basic theory for the establishment of the project.

We study the urban texture from aerial view and explore the site from the users' perspective with questions. What is the most impressive is the collision between the natural breath of the land and the experience of the five senses. When people get away from the noisy vehicles and be embraced by the atmosphere of life, we want to understand how to define the space of experience, or how to stimulate diverse imagination through space design.

Create a sense of field domain and ceremony

The design is inspired by master works and rooted in the site environment, which cannot be separated from the exploration of space limitation. The layout of the courtyard is exquisite and takes into consideration of the relationship between virtual and real elements.

The construction of light texture and experience of five senses

We translate the original concept of modern and artistic exhibition hall into spatial purity and architectural blank space. A large area of American platinum stone is selected to show the architectural form along the whole street facade and to highlight the profound humanistic and historical view in the impression of Xi'an city. The transparent glass box on the second floor is like the "color keyboard" in the painting. One of the functions of the so-called combination of emptiness and solidness is to make the facade present the relationship between advance and retreat and form a complete three-dimensional picture. This can better express the fluidity of time and try to outline a future view of Xi'an city.

How to deal with the relationship between people, space and environment has always been the Principal logic of architectural design. Xi'an TOMORROW NOW Art Exhibition Hall completes the unified narration with the ultimate expression of spatial limitation, and establishes the unique perception and experience of the new field order.

As for the way of space limitation, we did not pre-set solidified architectural techniques, but took people's perception as the core, and reproduced the tension and depth of space with body experience and visual composition. These inexplicable gray spaces are not only part of the architecture, but also contain the elements of the natural landscape. The relationship between inside and outside, emptiness and solidness, shifts repeatedly between walls, colonnades and patios, the combination of these points, lines and surfaces constitutes the fold of space, which is called "shallow space".

Throughout the process, the architectural design of the entire project focuses on the connection between the landscape and the interior space. Professional spatial levels and functional relationship processing, and the transition from the hollowed-out wall in the two-dimensional picture to the three-dimensional, multi-center scene perception, finally make the "aggregation of perception" be successfully constructed.

Everything has many facets, which are reflected in different intentions and perceptions perceived by people with different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives based on different time dimensions. Perhaps from the beginning of the formulation of the plan, the building has its vitality, and countless related or unintentional images are derived in the mind, including the questions of designers and the imagination of users.


 Art Exhibition Hall
 307 mq
  5,180,000.00 €
 Wang Weijie, Ou Taihua


GEEDESIGN is recognized as a boutique design firm in China since it was founded in 2011. The reputation of GEEDESIGN is established by both a commitment to the corporation with clients and strong focus on refining design concept and approach to arrive at a solution which is architecturally, culturally, aesthetically as well as humanistic. Today a team of more than 100 members, including architects, design managers, and engineers works as a combined team in Shanghai. Through the creation of architectural space, the collective memory of the city is stimulated and the cultural identity of the group is consolidated. GEEDESIGN has been commissioned by clients of leading real-estates developers such as Vanke, GEMDALE, CR Land etc. to design residential buildings, commercial center and culture centers throughout China.


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