CCTN Design - Ningxia Art Museum, an architectural image that extracts the morphological features of Helan Mountain rock
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Ningxia Art Museum, an architectural image that extracts the morphological features of Helan Mountain rock

CCTN Design

Culture  /  Completed
CCTN Design

The design inspiration comes from the stones on Helan Mountain. The architectural image extracts the bold and powerful morphological features of Helan Mountain rocks, and presents the tensive architectural form through the combination of five mountain rock volumes. In this way, the art museum itself becomes a public sculpture in the city, and the new spiritual anchor point is created in the context with a huge scale.

Ningxia Art Museum provides ten well-shaped exhibition spaces, including an exhibition hall of 1,200 square meters with a height of 8 meters, which can fully meet the requirements of various exhibitions. The art museum is equipped with perfect supporting functions, the service hall, cafe, public training space, art salon and urban viewing platform are vertically integrated in the northwest corner of the volume to provide good support for the later operation of the art museum.

The interior space of the building is perfectly integrated with the exterior space. The volume of the rock is not only the presentation of the exterior image, but also extends into the interior space of the building. The various canyon spaces and the interdependence of mountains and valleys are created in the void formed naturally by the combination of mountain and stone forms. The space between the exhibition hall volumes is zigzag, long and narrow and tall, and the multi-dimensional interpenetration of platforms of different heights between the canyons create a rich spatial effect.

The project strives to create a simple architectural shape and pays attention to detail design. As the motif of the building, triangle runs through the whole design. The triangular folds formed by the cutting of the building volume strengthen the sense of volume of the rocks. The triangular skylights on the roof present a sense of pattern with geometric rhythm, and takes on the function of lighting the atrium. The contrast between the texture presented by the hand-chiseled stripe marks on the facade stone and the flat surface of the large glass curtain wall enhances the rough sense of the rock form. The stone surface of the interior space is embedded with scattered, narrow, polished stones, which enrich the texture of the walls and present a more friendly facade scale.

The public space of the gallery shows a good interaction with natural light. The sunlight that seeps through the side gap of the canyon changes position with seasons and time, hence the valley form is vividly outlined. The light and shadow from the skylights on the roof look like the sunlight through the clouds in the valley, adding more fun to the interior space.


 Ningxia Department of Culture; Ningxia Communication Investment Group
 Exhibition, Art activity, Museum
 29992 mq
  52,158,416.00 €
 Xuhong Zhou
 Qiu Jie, Fan Jingjing


CCTN Architectural Design is founded in 2003 and led by Mr. Cheng Taining, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, National Engineering Design Master. Based on architectural design, it also provides urban planning, landscape design and interior services. CCTN is now Class A qualification of both construction industry engineering and urban and rural planning.
CCTN focuses on four special research and development sectors: Public culture/ exhibition/ education building, Station-City Synergy/ Urban TOD, Urban Regeneration, Extensive Real Estate.

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