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Memory Of Lishimen Reservoir, preserving rural culture and architecture

Shanghai Mage Architectural Design

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Shanghai Mage Architectural Design

The village where the project is located is facing the problem of young people leaving, leaving behind the elderly and children living here. Now there is an abandoned primary school, and we are considering whether we can use this space to reshape the memory of the village. Coincidentally, the village still retains the history of the villagers building a reservoir together. We plan to incorporate this history into the renovated space.

In addition to revisiting history, we also attract children from the surrounding villages to come and watch by introducing the principles of hydraulic power generation through scientific popularization. We utilize the former function of the school, combining it with exhibitions, to bring something fresh to this place once again.

The project used to be a primary school which has two floors, each with four classrooms and the interior structure is made of traditional wooden frames, with pink walls, black tiles, and it is backed by a rice field.located next to the ancestral hall of the village. Therefore, its position is at the center of the entire village, serving as a focal point for communication and activities among the villagers. We have preserved the original texture and structure of the building, allowing it to blend seamlessly into the overall environment. As for the central square, while updating it, we have strived to retain as much of the original space as possible, catering to the range of activities for the villagers.

"Unite for greater victory" was once painted on every wall column of Primary School. We propose to keep this slogan and carry out parametric design on the aluminum plate together with the old photos of the reservoir at that time. The overall vision is slightly It is solemn, but a splash of color at the entrance makes the memory hall not too solemn. The hall on the first floor is mainly to look back on history, so gray is used as the main color in a large area from the plane to the facade. Through the village songs when entering the preface hall, old photos when the reservoir was built, descriptions of the advanced deeds of the people who built the reservoir, and the exhibition of old objects, visitors can feel more three-dimensional, and fully understand the hardships and collectives of building the reservoir at that time. Corresponding to the gray, the façade of the hall on the second floor is mainly in cyan, and the overall space implies a gesture of suffering and reward. At the same time, proper preservation of the original wall and structure, rather than simple and rude demolition and reconstruction, is of great significance from the utilization of resources to the continuation of the culture of rural architecture.

Taking space as an opportunity to promote the development of rural culture. It is hoped that the design results achieved by all parties this time can convincingly prove that there is not only one single urban aesthetic taste. Architecture in different periods and regions may be beautiful. Appropriately retaining old buildings, rather than simply dismantling and rebuilding them, is of great significance from the utilization of resources to the continuation of the culture of rural architecture.


 Longxi Township Government
 1300 mq
 Kexin Shao、Chentao Ye
 Liao Gao、Yanting Chen


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