archi5 - Cultural centre Garges-lès-Gonesse, a real breathing space in a dense urban context
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Cultural centre Garges-lès-Gonesse, a real breathing space in a dense urban context


Culture  /  Completed

The project extends the volume of the existing auditorium towards the park in a cantilevered fashion, with the new auditorium. The delivery areas, the storage and artist reception areas and the technical rooms are between the two, flanked on either side by the courtyard/garden passages. The common core also acts as an acoustic buffer between the two large volumes.
The volumes of the cinema, the conservatory and the media library are organised in spokes with the volumetric ensemble of the auditorium and the Lino Ventura space as their centre of gravity. The large openings of two lateral wings, the conservatory to the south and the media library to the north, showcase their respective activities : dance and movement for one, knowledge and culture for the other.

The cultural centre project completes the network of existing public facilities, mainly educational. The green corridor bears witness to the former route of an abandoned motorway, which extends along the entire western boundary of the plot. A real breathing space in a dense urban context, its physiognomy and its opportune position between the Fort de Stains and the Parc de la Courneuve, favours the attractiveness of the cultural centre. The green corridor anchors the project as a milestone and reveals it to visitors in a friendly and welcoming green setting.
The project, through its clear layout, its simple, balanced volumes, establishes the urban coherence of the site in a symbiotic relationship with the park and the neighbouring facilities.

All units are clad in natural copper, chosen for its many advantages : long-lasting and require very little maintenance. It is a traditional, durable and easy to install material.
Copper has a high environmental value and is 100% recyclable and reusable in construction. Once produced, its life cycle is theoretically unlimited.
Aesthetically, its natural, earthy appearance is warm and vibrant.
The facades is declined in three typologies coherent with the premises they shelter; solid walls; perforated elements in front of the glazings conferring a protection making sun-breaking and staging the remarkable spaces. The semi-dense vegetation and a wild appearance that is integrated into the overall reflection of the landscape and rainwater management.

The project pays great attention to the clarity of its architecture and the coherence of its volumetric intention in relation to its functional organisation. One building equals one function. Each programmatic entity is easily identifiable and benefits from its own independent access from the hall with autonomous operation. Supervision is easy and noise pollution is controlled. This requirement for restraint in the service of a remarkable architectural gesture is also reflected in the choice of elementary and balanced volumes. The scales, the rigorous proportions and the behaviour of the facades are all instruments that give rhythm and guarantee pleasant variations in the facades. Sometimes anchored to the ground, sometimes suspended above the landscape, the building comes alive and dialogues in a coherent language.
The hall runs under and between the masses, favouring transversality and connections. The large copper monoliths, with their telluric appearance, reinforce the iconic aspect of the place, like large totems erected in the territory.

The project offers porosities between the landscape and the interior spaces of the building.
The plant masses are interwoven between the copper blocks and circulate around the public spaces. Nature and building intersect to create synergies for cultural events: in front of the cinema, a projection space outside the walls; opposite the conservatory, a place for performances, etc.

The project was conceived and built with a constant concertation between the city and the design team.


 City of Garges-lès-Gonesse and Roissy Pays de France
 Cultural centre
 7843 mq
  26,135,620.00 €
 archi5 / Egis / Cap Horn Solutions / Ateliers 59 / Concepto / Architecture & technique / Alma consulting
 Sergio Grazia and Think Utopia


The city of Garges-lès-Gonesse had the ambition to enrich its public facilities with a new cultural centre that would reflect the image of a young and artistically creative city. The work brings together the various disciplines that make up the city’s cultural landscape. The aim was to stimulate cross-cutting activities between the arts and to encourage the opening up of culture from this new cultural centre. The project unfolds around the existing Lino Ventura space with a 250-seat auditorium, a 200-seat cinema, a conservatory and a media library, organised around a generous, bright and crossing reception area.
The Lino Ventura space benefits from a central urban location, at the heart of the town’s road network and public transport system. The project is located at the crossroads of the two main roads running through the town, Avenue du Général Leclerc and Avenue du Général de Gaulle.

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