CARLO BELLINI ARCHITETTI - A museum building in Rome to ensure protection of archaeological finds
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A museum building in Rome to ensure protection of archaeological finds


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The museum building, built on CBa project and with its direct supervision, was created with the primary objective of ensuring protection of archaeological finds including a Pulvino, dating back to a Roman Necropolis in adjacent to the consular road Nomentana and combines the exhibition function with characteristics of openness and welcome for visitors. The concept was developed on the basis of the specific function of protection and shelter of archaeological finds

The new museum insert itself carefully and without clamor along the important consular road Nomentana. The architectural language used for the Archeological Museum, strictly aligned to the road Nomentana, is characterized by the combination of light gray aluminum and glass resting on a basaltina "chair", meeting the requirements of neutrality with the landscape and constructive practicality, in line with the image of the surrounding building. The Museum has been highly appreciated by the Department of National Heritage and Cultural Activities.

The project is completely dedicated to the protection of archaeological finds and is therefore aimed at the care and conservation of the same as well as allowing a pleasant use. One of its main characteristics is that of fitting in with balance in a protected context from a landscape and archaeological point of view, in particular it is closely aligned with the historic consular road Nomentana, characterized by an extraordinary row of maritime pines. A glazed structural floor combines the need for a "controlled" climatic conditions and the best visual enjoyment of the finds placed below the current road level. The project was published in the volume 100 Italian Projects, Edition 2021, RDE by Riccardo Dell'Anna.

The project was born from the need to protect archaeological finds during the construction of an industrial complex which houses an important company in Rome. This represented the start of a not easy journey but also and above all an opportunity to implement collaboration with the bodies responsible for the protection of places, with the construction of a museum building which, although small in size, offers the concrete possibility to enjoy representative finds of our common history.


 200 mq
 Crlo Bellini architetto
 Clara Caramella, Francesca Marchesi, Dario Freguia, Maurizio Bianchi, Oliviero Colombo


The office “Carlo Bellini Architetti” has been working in Milan for 30 years, mainly with assignments for industrial buildings, offices, stores, private houses. It operated in Italy, Monaco, France, UK, Germany, Swiss, Balkans, Turkmenistan and Guinea Konakry. It has designed and realized Caterpillar’s headquarters in various EU countries, it has been consultant for Feltrinelli/Ricordimediastore, Lancôme, Rusconi, Publitalia. The office designed and managed the construction of villas in Veneto, Lombardy and Piedmont. Carlo Bellini received from Politecnico di Milano a commission for a professorship in Design in 2003. His projects and works have been exhibited in various museums including the Triennale Design Museum in Milan, Museu de Arte Brasileira receiving various award such as the Reddot Design Award. The practice is part of the Partner 24 Ore network, the Sole 24 Ore platform that brings together high-profile qualified professionals.


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