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Canali Flagship Store, hybrid and transverse spaces

Park Associati

Retail  /  Completed
Park Associati

The concept is based on a sophisticated ‘cross-contamination’ between different types of environments, which generates hybrid and transverse spaces. Indoor and outdoor, domestic and public all merge into a single environment that at first glance defies categorisation, mirroring the brand's will and ability to follow its customers at all times throughout their day. A balanced use of the different elements reflects the Canali brand's elegant and unmistakable nature avoiding formal or stylistic excesses. Similarly to the brand's distinguishing sartorial features, the materials associated with traditional architecture acquire their individuality and value through applied craftsmanship. Timeless lines and diffused light complete an image of general sobriety and awareness of contemporary themes.

The first to implement the new concept developed by Park Associati for the Canali boutiques around the world, the New York store on Madison Avenue avoids any formal and stylistic excesses. The conceptual design aims to foster a dialogue between art and fashion. The presence of 'Untitled Views', a selection of works by the Italian duo Goldschmied & Chiari, turns the Madison Avenue boutique into a tasteful and unique public-sharing workshop. Located in the heart of New York, the boutique opens up to the city thanks also to the design choices: thanks to the great visual permeability given to the windows, passers-by’s eyes can wander through the space inside the store.

The materials utilised in this space aim to reinterpret the contemporary need for attention to a thoughtful use of different finishes. Natural materials become protagonists; their use is at the heart of an aesthetic and functional choice that, through circular processes and waste processing, also addresses sustainability. For vertical covering the choice fell on plaster because of its unique recycling qualities, as it is a 'closed-loop' construction material. The highly organised and specialised processes and processing of the stone coverings result in a reduction of both waste and energy consumption. Wood veneers are made utilising recycled wood or wood from sustainable forests, and are produced using emission-free glues.

The boutique expands in depth. The three different furnishing systems fit the environment, articulating different display configurations and guaranteeing visual continuity between the different sales environments. The area dedicated to the VIP room is the focal point of the store's functions. Designed as a hybrid space, this space becomes a vehicle for the brand's main characteristics – a combination of refined finishes and less conventional functions. The walls are suitably equipped to display works of art capable of channelling the Canali values, while the bar area fosters informal situations, leaving customers free to fully enjoy the experience.

The Madison Avenue store opening is part of the brand's continued expansion and transformation, with a new, more lifestyle store concept that aims to bring New York shoppers a taste of Italian luxury menswear. The United States is an essential market for CANALI and a focus in our international business strategy. The new concept store debuts in New York and will be expanded to future store openings around the world.


 New York
 New York, USA
 Canali Spa
 Flagship store
 265 mq
 Park Associati
 Founding Partners: Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi; Project Leader: Davide Viganò; Architects: Alice Cuteri, Diego Fiori, Davide Perin.
 Team CIS
 LB Architects; In-visible lab; RDA – Robert Derector Associates Consulting Engineers
 ARCO arredamenti; Squarcialupi marmi; Kasthall; Dooor; Delta Light; Lema italia; Saba; Maxalto;
 Christopher Payne; East End Yovth


Founded in Milan in 2000 by Filippo Pagliani and Michele Rossi, Park Associati focuses on architectural design, urban planning, landscape, interior design and product design.
Park Associati's approach to architecture is analytical, pragmatic and tailored, strong in tradition and at the same time capable of generating new linguistic codes through a process that combines listening, intuition and experimentation.
Whether it is the Regione Lombardia skyscraper, the Luxottica or Salewa headquarters, a residential space, a Hermés, Brioni or Canali luxury boutique around the world, the retrofitting of a Milan’s Modernist building or the restoration of an entire neighbourhood, Park Associati sees each project as an opportunity to seek innovative, tailor-made solutions expressed through quality and attention to human beings.

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