Studio Long Playing - The University of Utah Financial Services building embraces a new hybrid workplace model
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The University of Utah Financial Services building embraces a new hybrid workplace model

Studio Long Playing

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Studio Long Playing

This transformation is an exciting shift from the traditional stagnant office space. The hybrid model is the future of work spaces: most tasks can be done remotely, computers are becoming smaller, the cloud is becoming more accessible, shared virtual whiteboards, files and virtual collaboration are all available tools to make our productivity flourish. Concepts of the gradation of traditional to hybrid to flexible have helped shape the space.
The public interface is at the reception and the entry of the work area. As one moves back into the space it becomes private for employees. Permanent offices will be placed against walls, open workstations are dispersed throughout the space. The open area will be a mix of workstations, hoteling stations, large desks, lounge furniture, etc.

This building sits directly under a gorgeous plaza between two buildings. Currently there is
hardly any natural daylight into this space. For years, tenants suffered from lack of daylight and connection to the rest of the campus. We kept the existing skylights and designed and created a small interior courtyard with a tree in it. We also demolished another existing concrete wall in the space and replaced it with a storefront system, looking at some existing planters and providing much more daylight to the space. We pushed hard for natural daylight because we know from research that view to nature and natural daylight are essential not only for work productivity but for our well being.

Financial Services is rethinking their work mode, embracing a new hybrid model. The space is a remodel of the area under the plaza between the John Park Building and Student Services Building on the University of Utah campus. In order to bring in daylight and nature to this space we are creating an internal courtyard for a view to a tree and landscape. The scope includes approximately 10,000 sf of space. A variety of spaces are proposed for different work functions: private offices, shared office spaces, and tiny rooms, Lounge spaces and break rooms where all spaces can be used for meeting space or individual working areas.

The ideal workspace would be one where people work together and have small interpersonal interactions. The lighting has been terrible and daylight is something that has been requested multiple times. A connection to the outdoors is something the underground office wants and needs.


 Salt Lake City
 Utah, USA
 University of Utah
 Office Space
 930 mq
  2,200,000.00 $
 Studio Long Playing - Libby Haslam, Zahra Hassanipour, Baylee Rushton
 Studio Long Playing
 Kier Construction
 BNA Consulting - Electrical Engineering and Acoustical Design. Reaveley Engineers - Structural. WHW Engineers Inc - Mechanical
 Studio Long Playing


Studio Long Playing PLLC is a young company brimming with experience and energy. The three partners Libby Haslam, Zahra Hassanipour, and Baylee Rushton have all worked for large and small firms and have all managed complex projects in Utah. Studio Long Playing is focused on projects of many typologies and have found that programmatic diversity enriches all of our designs. Although we work on many different projects, our prime focus is the educational sector. We are delighted to work on projects that shape young minds and better the world that we live in. Some projects include University of Utah EAE: phased remodel of Building 72, University of Utah HEDCO: remodel of 6,000sf of an industrial building on the National Registry including the addition of a second story, maker spaces, and labs, Eccles Health Sciences Library: phased programming and update of an existing 50,000sf library, and SLCC Fashion Institute: 10,000sf at the north end of the old South High to incorporate the program.

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