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The Heat Garden combines technology and green

IREN Group

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IREN Group

The project aims at the integration between technology and green landscape, create spaces for educational workshops and guided tours aimed at understanding Iren’s mission in the energy field but also environmental and sustainable development. As part of the intervention, terraces and hanging gardens were imagined, around and together with the accumulation plant, integrated by thematic hanging gardens, experimental didactic lab, spaces to share, etc. Trees, climbing and paving shrubs, create a whole with the technological intervention to become a symbol of the binomial “technology + green”.
An architecture, a “technological center”, a shared urban space that both Iren and the City can offer to improve the attention to the territory and the quality of life.

The synergistic integration between buildings and landscape is the basis of sustainable architecture: its characteristic feature is the use of green as a fundamental strategy to improve the performance of structures, designed according to specific principles that reduce their impact on the environment and increase integration in the urban fabric.

Like "The Heat Garden", an architectural project that rises in the San Salvario district of Turin, a new heat storage system serving the district heating underground network: a perfect example of integration between industrial elements, urbanism and design. The innovative structure has been conceived to be an open place: it has a educational room that allows schools and citizens to welcome, but also to host events, concerts and meetings.

Vegetation, as The Heat Garden shows, can offer many advantages to architectural structures: just think of the benefits of green roofs or walls that improve the local microclimate. Nature is no longer relegated to the areas used as a park, but is becoming an integral part of town planning and industrial architecture, in fact the site can be entirely visited with a path surrounded by greenery that winds from the street level to the top of the structure located at 23 meters high: an evocative experience capable of demonstrating the potential of green architecture.

Also, the presence of plants, combined with the integration of thermal storage and renewable sources, effectively represents the combination of technology and green that allows to absorb up to 25 tons of CO2 per year.

The Heat Garden combines attention to sustainability and territory with cutting-edge technological solutions. The plant houses terraces and hanging gardens - which occupy an area of over 2500 square meters - and almost 11 thousand plants and trees, as well as a greenhouse for cultivation, in a perfect integration with the storage system.

The structure, in fact, consists of 3 accumulators of about 2500 cubic meters, able to serve about 2.2 million cubic meters of new users, a pumping station and repopulation, in addition to ancillary services: connected to the backs of the district heating subway network, contributes to a significant area of the neighborhood, improving the efficiency and resilience of the network.

The presence of green plants, combined with the integration of thermal storage and renewable sources, effectively represents the combination of technology and green that allows to absorb up to 25 tons of CO2 per year.

All levels of the structure are designed to create specific spaces and equipment for the development of biodiversity bringing a corner of nature in a part of the city that until now was practically deprived of it.

In summary, the intervention, while improving the environment from the point of view of the urban energy system, also improves the environment from the point of view of the landscape and from the point of view of good practices that lead to improvement of the quality of life and cultural development of the territory. It will be a strong signal that Iren will give to the territory where it draws and gives energy. 


 IREN Group
 Technological plant, educational garden, conference room with 50 seats and suitable for musical events
 1500 mq
  13,000,000.00 €
 Main Structural Designer: Prof. Marco Petrangeli – progettista architettonico arch. Luciano Pia
 Iren Energia (industrial projetc) – Integra srl (civil project)
 CMP International s.r.l. – Paresa S.p.A. – Simic S.p.A.
 Peverelli s.r.l. (green nursery) - XLAM DOLOMITI S.p.A. (educational room e micro-greenhouse) - I.G. s.r.l.(audio/video educational room) - PRIXMART s.r.l. (forniture educational room) - STAFF s.r.l. (scenography illumination)
 Daniele Ratti, Beppe Giardino


Marco Petrangeli graduated in Civil Engineering at La Sapienza University (Rome, 1991) and obtained his PhD in 1996. He worked as a research engineer in numerical modelling of RC structures at IWB in Stuttgart, Germany. Then, he joined the team of world-famous suspension bridge specialist William Brown at the Brown and Beech Ltd in London before get back to Italy. Since 2001 he is Assoc Prof in Structural Engineering at the University Gabriele d'Annunzio, Pescara. He designed +200 bridges and viaducts worldwide. From 2001 he is one the founders and CEO of INTEGRA Srl top-end civil engineering company. Luciano Pia graduated in Architecture at Polytechnic University (Turin, 1984). From 1987 fellow of the Ordre des Architectes de l’Ile de France (Paris) where he operates as professional architect from 1990 to 2000 with Andrea Bruno. From 2000 he operates in his personal Architectural Studio in Turin and from 2010 he holds lessons about sustainable buildings in international univeristies.


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