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Yutong Headquarter Renovation, a modern open office in a traditional building


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Yutong is China's largest and the world's largest electric bus manufacturer. The headquarters comprises of a 12-storey R&D building and a 15-storey sales office – totalling approximately 60,000 m2 that encompasses multiple lobbies, public spaces, cafes, workspaces and VIP areas.

We find inspirarion from the product:the bus. The philosophy of how they make bus is applied into the space, which includes function, aesthetics , sustainability, and identity. Mean wile the the design element comes from the the bus as well including the shape and its auto parts. So the main goal was to improve the building's spatial efficiency, aesthetics and sustainability, creating a multifunctional environment while reusing the majority of the existing materials , hence improving its branding.

It is an interior office innovation project with two high rise buildings.

In most of the space, the main connnection with outside is natural light. By replanning the layout and open the space in typical floor and lobby, we increase the view to outside and bring more natural into the office.

By adding more plants or verttical green wall to the main lobbies and office, it increases the connection to the landscape outside.

1. Material and structure reuse. We reuse up to 60 per cent of the existing structure and materials. For example, in all the typical open office area, we reused all the current acoustic panels by just painting different blue on it. With the new carpet we select, the space become more dynamic. We use the current doors and apply a 3m film to wrap it to a new door that matches the new design. 2. Interior air quality: By adding more plants or vertical green wall and adding air filter in the ducts , it helps to improve air quality. 3.material selection: All the material are carefully selected. for example, 95% the tile carpet are sustainable products from Milliken. Wood veneers are replaced by 3M film which does not have formaldehyde and helps to control VOC from inner layer.

This is a big renovation proejct with 60000 m2 and two towers. It is not easy to make one image of Yutong while meet all different requirement of different groups. Also to save cost is another chanllenge. The main features are as below: 1. Inspired by their product, we succcefully design R&D center and Sales building as two different mood while keep one consistant image. for eaxample : A new sculptural reception desk features three metal rings, one on the floor as the desk itself and two suspended from a central column.These rings symbolise the wheels of the buses manufactured by the company, and one features a bright digital display screen. DU Studio also channelled this mechanical inspiration into the tree-filled planter benches in the sales reception hall, which are designed to look like gears biting together. In the R&D center lobby, the curvy 2nd floor glass wall is inspired by the bus window design . For the communal spaces of the offices, display shelves feature a decorative pattern of tyre tracks. 2. Reusing up to 60 per cent of the existing structure and materials helps to control the cost to 800rmb/m2. 3. Bring natural light and green to office and increase the air quality help to build a more sustainble inteiror enviroment. In R&D center typical floor, we opened the enclosed office in center and create a break out area that brings natual light in and encourgae communication.

By turning a traditionally building into a modern open office, DU studio successfully helps to promote its branding internationally. The space is efficient, healthy and encourage group communication. The staff feel much happier than before. --- Yiguo,Zhang


 Zhengzhou Yutong Bus
 60000 mq
  4,500,000.00 $
 Ping Zhu/Yuan Wang/Yishan Jiang/Yiwen Shen/XinHang Cai/Haibo Li
 Shenzhen Teyida Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd
 lighting designer:BPI
 Mathias Guillin


Ms. Ping Zhu is the Founding Partner of DU Studio.
Prior to founding DU Studio in Shanghai, Ms. Zhu worked at international renowned firms where she was responsible leading and managing many high profile large scale commercial, retail and office projects. Ms.Zhu’s international background and China practice successfully help reach her clients’ design vision and exceed industry standards over the years.
Ms. Zhu received her Master of Arts degree in Interior Design from The University of Massachusetts Amherst, United States in 2005.


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