Matrix Design - Qianhai Horoy Center, based on a fashionable and people-oriented concept
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Qianhai Horoy Center, based on a fashionable and people-oriented concept

Matrix Design

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Matrix Design

As the most special and most atmospheric office project in Qianhai area, it hopes to convey the cultural spirit of the enterprise by adopting the highest standard design. It takes Tower A and Tower B as the symbols to embody the culture in the past, at the present, and in the future.

Taking "light of city" as its concept, the project wants to show the leading spirit of Horoy through its design on the basis of the extension of the architecture. Thus visitors can feel the spirit of high concentration, elegance, elite.

The commercial complex consists of two grade A office buildings, a five-star hotel, two commercial office towers and two service apartment towers, which are adjacent to the current Qianhai commercial center and surrounded by several urban arterial roads.

With simple, elegant, stylish shape, Tower A is full of modern elements. On the basis of the inherent architecture, its internal space provides splendid visual experience and structural elegance. The simple, fashionable space presents an image of international modern elite.

Tower B absorbs the concept of "square and upright" on its frame-core tube structure where the tower is extended in length to show the independence of two parts, conveying a square, orderly world.

The sky lobby in Tower A uses light gray ground stone. With brushed stainless steel, the sky lobby offers a contrast between the natural texture of stone and exquisite surface of metal. Its ceiling is designed like a inverted pyramid, inspired by the pyramid "eye of god". The architecture has clear structure due to its high storey height if one sees it from the outside of curtain wall. The design also deconstructs the traditional Chinese culture and uses anodized aluminum plates to form the gradual change of ceiling dragon scale, which is magnificent and powerful, elegantly balancing the whole sky lobby in the contrast of material texture and lighting atmosphere.

Office area abstractly display the leading spirit of Horoy based on modern, innovative design and international design elements. Sharing the same feature with that of the sky lobby, its ceiling makes the architecture towering and shocking, an inclusive visual experience that broadens the scope of vision. Plus the excellent quality of furnishing, the functions and aesthetics of the area are perfectly balanced.

The meeting area is full of vitality and fashionable elements created by the proper use of light and dragon scale gradient texture. The clash of creamy white and light brown makes the space modern and brings transparency and lightness under the hazy light.

Near the underground traffic lines, a super-high LED screen is set, which is 14 meters high and directly opposite the frame-core tube structure. A sharp contrast in height can be formed when people pass the LED screen. The screen also embodies social automation and intelligence, and the overall building gives people a sense of "strategic foresight".

With fashionable and people-oriented concept, the project is designed to make the space full of avant-garde innovation and highlight the volume and depth of the space by using vertical and horizontal lines to. It aims to provides shock, bright visual experience, and create influential space for efficient, creative workers.


 125000 mq
  64,378,235.00 €
 Wang Guan, Liu Jianhui, Wang Zhaobao
 Matrix Design
 Shi Xiang Wan He


Matrix Design was established in 2010 to provide space design and soft furnishings services. Its headquarters are located in Shenzhen, with branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, and Xi'an. After more than ten years of development, Matrix Design has grown into a Chinese design brand with both industry influence and contemporary representation.
Since its inception, Matrix Design has always shouldered industry responsibilities and social responsibilities, with the goal of "fulfilling people's aspirations for a better life" and the brand mission of "returning to the East". It is committed to promoting Chinese design to the world, striving to achieve design value-added in environmental, social, cultural, and economic benefits, and always thinking about using design to empower people to live a better life. Space design and soft furnishings business covers residential, office, hotel Education, business, health care and other business sectors.


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