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Midea Building Technologies New Park: architecture witnessing the beauty of technology

weico architects

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weico architects

Architecture allows you to witness the beauty of technology. Adhering to the concept of "smart in one," leaving complexity to Midea and making it simpler for users, the Midea Building Technologies New Park not only aims to enhance productivity, serve employees, and showcase products but also seeks to showcase the impact of Midea's technology on architecture through comprehensive design. It aims to provide a space where both employees and visitors can experience simplicity, beauty, and intelligence, enabling them to personally perceive Midea's ability to shape the future.

The project integrates production, living, office, and exhibition functions. The front area features an exhibition center, research offices, and a restaurant, creating a sleek architectural composition. The landscape design complements the buildings, with a circular plaza harmonizing with the industrial structures. The main square leads to a reception center, where sunlight and green landscapes fill the exhibition halls, conference center, and office spaces. The architectural complex highlights building technology with green energy facilities and observation elevators. The park's landscape design provides comfortable living services. The project demonstrates Midea's technological power and establishes a dynamic relationship with the surrounding landscape and city center.

The project achieves environmental goals through sustainability and ecological compatibility strategies. It utilizes rooftop solar panels and skylights to maximize the use of renewable energy and natural light. Prefabricated modular construction enhances construction efficiency and reduces resource waste. The landscape system showcases sustainability, including rooftop photovoltaic panels, water supply devices, and greenery. Diffused sunlight provides ample illumination, reducing the need for artificial lighting. Through these strategies, materials, and technologies, the project successfully achieves sustainability and ecological compatibility, reducing reliance on resources and creating a healthy and livable environment.

Firstly, the core strength of the project lies in the integration of Midea's technology with architecture, showcasing the core value of Midea's intelligent building. Through architectural design and technological applications, it creates a space that is simple, beautiful, and intelligent, allowing employees and visitors to immerse themselves and experience Midea's ability to shape the future. Secondly, the project integrates multiple functions such as production, living, office, and exhibition, creating a versatile park. This comprehensive approach enables the park to meet various needs, providing comprehensive services and experiences while enhancing work efficiency and comfort. Additionally, the project emphasizes sustainability and ecological compatibility, incorporating green energy facilities and sustainable building materials. Measures such as rooftop solar panels, photovoltaic panels, and greenery are employed to reduce energy consumption and create an environment for sustainable development. Another feature is the openness and interactivity of the park. Through the design of circular plazas, experiential parks, and internal squares, it encourages interaction and collaboration between employees and visitors. Additionally, flexible shared spaces and exhibition areas facilitate product exchanges and technical training.

The multifunctional park caters to the needs of employees and visitors, providing a comprehensive experience and service. The design strategy emphasizes sustainability and ecological compatibility, reducing energy consumption and creating a healthy environment. The open and interactive spatial design promotes collaboration and communication. With innovative thinking and a future-oriented approach, the project showcases Midea's leading position in the field of technology.


 Midea Group
 R&D center, offices, exhibitions
 35000 mq
 Sun Wei
 Wang Deyuan, Chen Xu, Duan Yun, Feng Xue, Liang Zi, Qin Wei, Sun Mingze, Xue Shuyun, Yuan Liuyan
 SGI Group, Suzhou Hezhan Design and Construction Co., Ltd.
 weico architects


weico architects was founded by Mr. SUN Wei with his partners in Beijing in 2022. Principal architect, Mr. Sun Wei, studied architecture from 2000-2005 in TU Dresden, Germany. He worked for Prof. Hans Kollhoff in Berlin, Herzog & de Meuron in Basel, and Henn Architektens in Munich. In 2009, Mr. Sun Wei came back to China, and worked at Henn China as team leader and became a partner in China in 2014.

On January 1, 2022, Mr. Sun Wei went independent and established weico architects. As a new blood in local Chinese architecture industry, the new studio combines overseas education and work background with local experience and deep understanding in Chinese economic and cultural developments. The studio offers service in architectural design, interior design, urban planning and other fields, and is paying special attention to the integration of architecture with different disciplines in the fields of science and technology, industry, economy and humanities.

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