Pier Maria Giordani, Chen Zhen, Antonella Marzi, Marta Dituri, Tan Zhu - Minya Centre, expressing the power of beauty
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Minya Centre, expressing the power of beauty

Pier Maria Giordani, Chen Zhen, Antonella Marzi, Marta Dituri, Tan Zhu

Mixed Use  /  Completed
Pier Maria Giordani, Chen Zhen, Antonella Marzi, Marta Dituri, Tan Zhu

RECS always make project to correspond the Core identity of Client. In this case we made the project with the keywords “to be Italian: simple, clean, regular, intriguing” for the client Minya Group, a big Chinese F&B company which promotes the Italian design, fashion, and lifestyle to China.
Our main goal is to make a landmark, even though not a skyscraper, in this context of Hefei city where all the surroundings look similar and monotonous. The perimeter with non-orthogonal lines characterizes the plasticity of the elevations, that greatly strengthens the simplicity and modern and express THE POWER OF BEAUTY.
The building itself is not high, only 100 meters. Therefore, we disassembled the image and made it into two dynamic towers that echo each other.

Making commercial project in a Chinese city means we should face many challenges. The building height has its limitation while client want a landmark, the request of total construction area is huge, and the firefighting protection requirements are strict. In the face of the monotonous urban context, to create a landmark not “official” architecture, it is necessary to break the old mind. We wanted to create an iconic, painterly, and dynamic building.
Hefei is one of the 10 fastest growing cities in China in the past 10 years. We want to bring "simplicity and power" as a representative feature of the beauty of contemporary architecture, bringing a dynamic corner to the city.

The building made the setback to the urban roads as much as possible to form a lovely public square space and become a true communal center of life for the surrounding community, a dynamic urban living room.
There are many solar panels on the roofs of the towers. The design team is committed to creating low-energy, environment-friendly buildings and reducing carbon emissions from the source of energy consumption. The coating used on the aluminum panels on the façade can protect the impact of rainwater and the environment as much as possible, saving the number of times to clean the facade and energy consumption.
This project won TAC (The architecture Community) Architect of the Year Award 2022 and published as the cover page of the award website.

The project is not only to create an unique landmark, as we mentioned before, but also to provide a high quality place for the city.
The lower floors of the building are shopping malls and supermarkets. With its lovely public square space, people can rest in this public space after shopping, dining and entertainment.
Even if not entering the building, residents of the surrounding communities can walk, meet, dance, and do any leisure and entertainment activities in this square. It will be a true communal center of life for the surrounding community, a true urban living room.
Innovative Design: The project showcases cutting-edge architectural design, incorporating innovative concepts that push the boundaries of what is possible in modern construction. From its sleek and futuristic exterior to its meticulously planned interior spaces, every aspect of the tower is a testament to artistic vision and technical excellence.

Land area: 10665 sqm
Total building construction area above grand:68940 sqm
Total building construction area under grand:16498 sqm
Building occupation area: 5255 sqm
Building Height: 100m
Façade: aluminium panel + Curtain wall

When the construction of tower is completed, the local citizens have given a lot of positive remark on the beauty of the architecture. The client also sent us the appreciation: "The architectural design of our tower has garnered vast acclaim. I'm proud to own such an iconic tower. It’s a symbol of our company and our dedication to the future prosperity of Hefei city. Managing this skyscraper is a challenging but rewarding responsibility."


 Minya Group
 68940 mq
  30,000,000.00 €
 Pier Maria Giordani, Chen Zhen
 Antonella Marzi, Marta Dituri, Tan Zhu
 Anhui Gouxin Group
 Minya Groups


The Recs Architects studio was founded in 2011 by architects, experts in different research fields, ranging from architecture to urban planning. Their aim is to bring together interdisciplinary knowledge into a single professional identity. The long-year experience of the partners in fundamental urban planning allows our studio to be at the forefront of understanding the dynamics that govern the development of the city. These peculiarities make it possible to approach the theme of living in such a way as to correctly identify the criticalities and potentials of individual urban contexts and on which to work for raising the "quality of life" of the inhabitants, the primary goal of the Recs architects’ philosophy and the last one of all civilian countries that are at the forefront. The Recs acronym, originated from Re City Size, means Rethink the Size of the City: we imagine urban space as an intelligent, inclusive, viable, sustainable body, participated by its inestimable human capital.



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