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The Fluid Field: the multi-functional headquarters of a make-up brand


Interior  /  Completed

In order to create a new workspace that reflects this cosmetic brand's characteristics and its spirit of new trends and innovation in the contemporary era, the design breaks up the layout of the traditional office space and focuses on the open and fluid working experience. In addition, with the extraction from the brand color scheme, the vital rose-red tone decorates and connects the whole space. An atmosphere for communication, creativity, and collaboration is created and stimulates the aesthetics and spirituality of the brand.

"Perfect Diary" is a newly emerging domestic make-up brand in mainland China. As one of the significant strategies of expanding business from e-store to physical stores, this project establishes the brand's new multi-functional retail headquarters in Shanghai that combines working, training, and exhibition. The site is located in Xuhui Vanke Center, an office building in Shanghai designed by GMP. Different from other conventional office buildings, its plan layout and structural columns are presented in irregular geometric forms. Thus, it has two completely independent core tube configurations containing elevators, stairs, pantry rooms, and restrooms.

In Materials, considering the refreshing and rational needs of the office space, cool white, concrete paint, light wood-colored herringbone floor, and grey carpet are applied as the keynotes. Meanwhile, the rose-red tone representing brand VI with a frosted texture is used to outline the space and as the guiding symbol while creating a refreshing and vivid atmosphere to enhance the visual tension of the space.

The design continues the smooth and linear forms of the building itself and the sense of open and fluid space. By continuing the concept of circular flow around the core tube, and the switching of sight, framing spaces for different scenes, activities, and events, and creating a continuous and elegant space atmosphere. In addition, by taking advantage of the two cores, the plan layout is divided into two functional zones of office and training respectively, resulting in independent and interconnected degrees of spatial freedom. Considering the circular structural columns, functional facilities like seats and the bar counters are arranged to create an open space where the reception and the co-working area are juxtaposed. With the interspersion of the green plant landscapes, the image of a jungle island in an urban office space was created. In detail, the cool-toned space is dotted with low-saturation-toned elements such as grey-pink and light wood furniture, representing the image of free and youthful. Relatively specific and vivid decorations such as dichroic glass finish film, neon lights, golden signs, and stencils are adopted to increase the sense of spatial dimension and strengthen the band theme highlighting fun and fashion.

The backstages of corporates are transforming from cubicle workstations to open spaces. The design highlights the brand image and creates a multi-level communication space through the layout of circular flow, combined with its scheme of color and furnishings. The staff will eventually be liberated from the stereotyped workstations, wander and intervene in different fluid fields, through the concurrency of the events, stimulate and evoke their creativity and inspiration.


 Guangzhou Yatsen Global Co., Ltd.
 Retail Headquarters of “Perfect Diary”
 1884 mq
  271,450.35.00 €
 SHI Xi, CHEN Yang
 SHI Xi, CHEN Yang, WANG Xiaoya, DENG Zexu, HUANG Jiaqi, XU Chao
 Shanghai Neoshi Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.
 LIN Bian, NeosSpace


Founded in 2013 in Shanghai, NeosSpace provides end-to-end EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) solutions, from design conception to construction. We believe that design is a holistic system that begins with observation and insights and ends with high-quality manufacturing and collaboration. Our team is empowered to truly grasp the needs of clients, understand the nature of projects, and respond effectively to challenges, all to reach the end of goal of delivering humanized spaces with identity to our clients around the world.

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